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fighting for a precious life

We’re living in difficult times. No doubt about it. Every morning I wake up and ask the Lord to give me perspective.  To give me tunnel vision of HIS perspective.  To give me a passion and a heart to focus on the things that break His heart.  It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the things we read, see, and hear. It’s so easy to get caught up in so many things that really, really just don’t matter.

Yesterday I came across a picture of a precious teenage girl.  It took me back four years to when I first saw the face of our Hasya.  Yesterday I desperately needed perspective–a nudge from the Lord to remind me of the things that make Him weep. In the world of adoption advocacy, it is so easy to become discouraged. International adoptions are at a record low and the result of that is honestly heartbreaking. Thousands and thousands of children are left in orphanages.  Thousands of children are literally languishing–many dying due to no access to medical care and proper nutrition, not to mention, love. Thousands of children are neglected beyond what our human minds can fathom.

And yesterday, God used a picture to remind me of the grave reality of the situation.


Yulia is sixteen years old.


Yulia lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  Up until a couple of years ago, she was living in a different place and was doing so much better.

And then they transferred her.


The change is unimaginable! Her decline is just heart shattering.

I reached out to the amazing ladies who have connections in this orphanage to find out more about Yulia. It turns out that there is an experienced family that is doing everything possible to make Yulia their daughter. However, there are a few mountains that we know God can move.  Yulia’s paperwork is not yet completed to make her available for international adoption. People on the ground in her country are working hard to get her paperwork in order super quickly.  Pray, friends!  Pray! The family is also waiting for the official approval from the U.S. government for them to be able to adopt Yulia. Trusting that that too will be expedited.

And then there’s the issue of money.  Adoption is expensive!  The family needs $25,000 in order to complete the adoption. As I read Yulia’s story and the many comments on Facebook, I felt certain of this one thing.


No, Yulia is not my daughter.  And neither is she your daughter.  God has called a family to rise up and fight for her. For the rest of us–we called to care, to support and to help as He puts it on our hearts.  It’s the “caring for the orphan” mandate in James 1:27.

Since Yulia’s situation is so dire and we literally do not know if a family will be able to get to her in time, and there is still the issue of her paperwork, we are going to be receiving PLEDGES for her adoption.  

I am fully confident of this one thing…


As the family prays, fights, and literally goes to the end of the earth to save her life, we can rally!

If you are willing to pledge any amount to help bring this sweet girl home, please e-mail Keshia Melton.  Keshia works for a incredible ministry called MAYA’S HOPE. She knows Yulia personally and has been her advocate as her story has come to light. Keshia can be reached at [email protected].  She will give you more details, keep in touch with each one of you, and let you know how things are progressing.

Remember, it’s just a pledge.  NO money will be donated until all of Yulia’s paperwork is in order and we know for certain that things are moving forward. 

More than anything, we’re asking for your prayers.  Pray that every single detail will fall into place.  Pray that our mountain-moving Father in heaven will go before the family and move every obstacle that stands in their way.  Pray that He will sustain Yulia and keep her safe from all harm until she can be rescued (yes, it is a RESCUE!). Pray for the finances to be readily available as they move forward.  Just pray, friends.  This is such a desperate situation.  But she MATTERS.  She MATTERS so, so much!  I will keep you updated as I get news about what’s happening.

I am so grateful for your prayers as we trust for this precious, precious life!