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for all the reasons

I love you….

~~~  After all these years you still make me laugh with the completely ridiculously silly things you come up with.

~~~  I love that you are possibly the worst dancer ever!  It’s no wonder we got kicked out of ballroom dancing lessons (after just one lesson).

~~~  I giggle every time I hear you improvising the words of songs–even though you totally think you’re singing it perfectly.

~~~  You love your family passionately.

~~~  Your heart for orphans is a beautiful thing.

~~~  You are willing!–willing to go where God sends us, willing to do what He calls us to do.  Your answer is always yes.  You understand reckless abandon.

~~~  You always go out of your way to spoil me and remind me that I am loved. It touches me deeply.

~~~  I love your two left feet and can hear my mom laughing from heaven every time you do something goofy.

~~~  With little, or with much…you have learned to be content in all situations.

~~~  You love my extended family as your own and miss them as much as I do.

~~~  You clean toilets!

~~~  When you cook a meal, it seriously looks like a bomb was dropped on our kitchen!  But you are so thoughtful to always leave it spotlessly clean…because you know it’s important to me.

~~~  “The look” still does it for me.

~~~  You are the most considerate man I have ever met.

~~~  I can get out of bed and look my absolute worst ever…but you still tell me I’m beautiful.  How can that be?

~~~  I love how deeply you care for your patients as a hospice chaplain.  God has anointed you to care for those who are forgotten and so often abandoned. 

~~~  I can hardly believe that almost 15 years have gone by since we had our first (ever!) kiss at the altar.  What an adventure it has been!  I would not change any part of it for anything in the world.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I have always felt so confident that things would always work out (and they do).  If God be for us, who can be against us?

~~~  You hate gardening as much as I do.

~~~  You so graciously put up with my neverending honey-do’s, my complete obsession with painting our house every bright color known to man, and my constant stream of texts asking you to bring “just one more thing home from the grocery store.”

~~~  You make our bed every morning…and apologize if you’re running late and can’t do it.  Rocking husband!

~~~  I love your teachable heart.

~~~  You are truly a man after God’s own heart!  If God’s not in it, neither are you.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day to the man I love with all my heart.

It is so much fun living life with you, Honey!

For all the times I forget to say it or should say it more often…I appreciate you with all my heart, love you to infinity and way beyond, and am so very thankful that you are mine.