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for the first time in her life…

For almost fifteen years Hasya knew no other life than one confined to a crib, lying flat on her back, and staring at the ceiling.

She came home at the end of January and slowly but surely got used to sitting upright in a wheelchair.  It was huge!  HUGE.  Sitting for five minutes at a time was all that she could handle in the beginning.

Today, I cried.

Seeing my sweet daughter standing upright in her stander for the very first time in her life was so emotional.

It’s the little things in life that we so often take for granted.

Like feeling gravity and seeing the world from a different perspective.

And standing on our feet!

And being able to play with toys while standing upright.

We still cannot let her wear the left AFO (foot brace) because that little foot is so very deformed from pointing downwards her entire life.  The tiny ankle doesn’t move very easily.  We’re hoping that with exercises and stretching we will soon be able to put that brace on too.  For now she can only wear the little insert–which is still better than nothing.

Little lovie working hard with her PT.

And thankfully not minding it too much.

My daughter’s strength and tenacity inspires me.  So many years the locusts ate and still she has come out fighting and determined to carry on and learn new things!  I would have given up a very long time ago.

I’m amazed.

And humbled.

Oh, the joy of seeing tiny feet finally in shoes!

Love, love, love.

So thankful to the LORD for milestones big and small.  With hearts of gratitude we’ll take them all.

Thankful for the absolute blessing (and gift!) of this sweet teenager.

And for the redeeming work He is doing in her life.

Now unto Him who is exceedingly, abundantly ABLE!