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fun in the sun

My dear hubby loves photography. Having been in the fashion industry for so many years, he learned about photography in front of, and behind the camera. For years he has wanted a good camera. Just recently the desire of his heart became a reality–he got blessed with an amazing camera. Doesn’t our God in heaven just love to bless us with every desire of our hearts? I love that about the Lord–He is so generous when He blesses us…exceedingly, abundantly MORE than we could ever imagine.

Today the kids and I dragged Daddy to the pool with us. It was the perfect opportunity for Anthony to try out his new camera.

Here are some photos of the most amazing blessings in my life.

Our little community pool has the best view.

We totally laughed when we saw the pictures of Haven…like Daddy dearest, does this face tell you that I DO NOT LIKE THE SWIMMING POOL? The good news is that with every visit we make to the pool, she is learning that it really is okay.

A beautiful day spent with the one’s I love the most in this world. How absolutely blessed I am.