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go, Hailee, go!

Oh my goodness gracious.

I just have to brag on our dearest little miracle girl.  There truly are no words to express how proud we are of Hailee.  She tries so hard to learn new things each and every day.  I cry just thinking about how far she has come in such a short time–how her life has completely turned around in just nine months.

When I met Hailee last April she could not sit up for long periods of time.  She couldn’t crawl.  She couldn’t even put pressure on her very weak legs.  All she wanted to do was lie flat on her back.  She was like a floppy ragdoll–a five year old who weighed fifteen pounds and could do absolutely nothing for herself.  She was drugged and miserable.  Lifeless.  Every single person in her orphanage thought we were completely insane for choosing to adopt this child.  Ha!

That was then.

But this is now.

Just look at her now….our beautiful, teeny, tiny little walking miracle. 

Go, Hailee, go! from Adeye Salem on Vimeo.

Isn’t she just too adorable for words? 

The therapists who work with Hailee are amazed at her determination.  Never did they imagine that she would be taking steps on her own after just a few months of therapy.  Honestly, they thought that it may even take several years for Hailee to learn to walk. 

How wrong they were!  She has astounded them.  Against all odds–she is walking independently.  I think that by her sixth birthday in May, this lovie is going to be running around.

I can learn a thing or two about courage and tenacity from my daughter.  Never give up.  Never give up. 

Never give up…no matter what life throws your way!

There is hope for every child!

To God be the glory…GREAT things He has done.