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the good news…and the bad

As my hubby always asks me in situations like this, “Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?”

I always tell him to just give me the bad news first so that I can get it out of the way.

So, here goes…bad news first.

Our dossier is in our girls country and is in the process of being translated.  Great news!  But…it seems that there are a few ‘problems’ with it. There is one document in particular where the wording is not to their liking.  Actually, it’s just one sentence that is apparently wrong. There is ONE teeny, tiny little word that should not be there. Oh man. They are going to go ahead and submit our dossier this coming Thursday in the hope that it will pass, and that it will make it through their system.  If not, well, I don’t even want to think about that. It could mean horrible delays…once again.

I am so thankful for the many people who are working so hard to help us get this sorted out, and our dossier approved.

And so I’m asking for your prayers, friends.

Enough already of all the obstacles! This far and no further…in the name of Jesus.

PLEASE pray with us that our dossier gets approved this Thursday.  Please trust with us that the angels would surround those documents and that it would literally move through the process without a hitch–as ONLY God can do it.

Okay.  Now for some absolutely FABULOUS news.

The Lord Almighty knows the desire of my heart–and He has answered.  It seems that our travel plans to pick up the girls have changed drastically in the last 48 hours.  We have just found out that Anthony DOES NOT have to be there to go through the whole court process with me.  That means that I will travel alone, do the in-country process, and then he will come over just to…

Hallelujah! My hubby will be there to fly home with me, Harper and Hailee.  That is just amazing news. My heart is rejoicing.
Thank you for your love, your support and your continued prayers as we journey this crazy road called adoption.  Thank you for praying for favor with those who make decisions regarding our dossier on Thursday.

No matter where we adopt from–adoption is NOT for the faint of heart.  But oh the blessing…it far outweighs any challenge we encounter on the journey. That I know for sure.

Standing and trusting for another miracle for Hailee and Harper.
Loving you all.