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Hi, loved ones,

Phew, the last two days have been crazy. As we expected, our flight to Guangzhou last night was terrifying for Haven. She had no idea what was happening or where she was. She did eventually settle down, but it was so hard for her. We think drugs are going to be in order for the flight home. 🙂 When we got to the hotel late last night Haven was so disoriented–poor little thing was so confused. Getting her to sleep was quite a thing and she just cried and cried. We felt so bad for her. Everything was so new and unsettling for her.

By this morning, she was doing so much better…until she had to have her medical examination. Yip, we have discovered that the girl hates doctors! Oh my word, did we hear all about it. She was the happiest camper when we walked out of the door and left. She turned around and waved goodbye. Too cute! She got over that trauma quickly and has been a little social butterfly all day. You can see some of the smiles in the pics below. She actually thinks she’s quite cute and really plays it up for us. She loves to dance and has got the hip action down. She is just precious.

Every day we are learning more and more about Haven–what makes her happy and what upsets her. Most of the time she is a happy child. However, when she gets upset or afraid she almost disappears into another world. She shuts her eyes half-closed and makes a groaning sound. Fear triggers something in her little mind and the only way she knows to cope with it is by withdrawing. It breaks out hearts to see. We don’t know if something happened to her in the orphanage or if it is part of autism, or something else happening, but hopefully as she is loved and made to feel safe it will get better and better.

Haven has become a lot more “vocal” with us. She makes the cutest sounds. Cade and Hannah-Claire have even started imitating her. She loves it. She almost makes baby sounds that are repetitive. We have still not heard a single proper word come out of her mouth. The doctor asked me today if I felt that she was unable to speak and never would be able to. No way! I believe with all my heart and trust my God that this child will some day learn to speak. We are so thankful that she is going to have the opportunity to get all the therapy and help she requires in the USA. She is just the most endearing little thing. She has the sweetest personality and is so loving all the attention she is getting. She loves us so much already. She loves to be cuddled and held. She has become a total Daddy’s girl. She thinks her Dad is quite alright. 🙂 Isn’t God just so amazing? We feel so blessed.

Cade and Hannah-Claire are doing well. They have been so patient and kind with Haven. Cade loves to dance around with her. They have both been amazing. I know they are both ready to come home now…just a few more days.

Connor and Kellan, we miss you so much, sweet boys. We can’t wait for you to meet your sister. She is going to love you so much. Just a few more sleeps 🙂

Daddy and his girls

Introducing Haven to Western food…she did not like fries at all…we’re sure that will change in the USA!

Having fun on the bed

Haven came into the room with Anthony’s glasses on upside down..she thought she was so cute!

Celebrity Cade