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hanging out with friends

As our time here is coming to a quick close, I have been trying to spend as much time as I can with friends who I love and cherish.  Oh, how I am going to miss them! 

Yesterday we drove about an hour away to meet up with my precious friend, Kristin.  She and I met in person nearly two years ago after connecting here on my blog.  Kristin adopted sweet Nadia just a few months after we got home with our lovies.  She has become such a treasured friend in my life–I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing our paths to cross.

We had a lovely time together.  I was blessed to meet another mommy named Jen who has also adopted an angel from Ukraine. 

Our four amazing beauties–all BLESSED with the magnificent extra chromosome.

Trying to get the perfect photo?

Next to impossible!

These pictures totally make me smile.  I love them.

How exceedingly blessed we are.

Thank you, Kristin and Jen, for such a special day!

Off to spend time with our beautiful birthday girl, who is no longer my baby but my big girl now.