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haven makes some noise

So many people ask us if Haven has a voice. That’s a legitimate question when you have a child who does not speak. The answer is yes, she absolutely does have vocal cords–and sometimes, every now and then, she loves to use them. Not often at all, just when she wants to. It is music to our ears when we can get her to imitate us. Some days she will try, other days not. Some days the words she imitates will sound similar to what we tell her to say, other days they sound nothing like it. It is so hit and miss.

But, the good news is that she does have vocal cords and she can imitate us when she wants to. It’s all positive and every little bit of willingness Haven shows us in trying to make the words come out gives us such hope that someday she WILL be speaking.

Here is Haven having the best time with her brother and sister. Funny–the times we can get her to make the most noise is when she sees herself in front of a mirror. I think she was seriously mirror-deprived in the orphanage. Now, every opportunity she gets she strikes a quick pose. And she loves to dance–the girl can move her hips and definitely has natural rhythm.

Sorry–the video is a little fuzzy–too many little hands around here touch the lens.

I watch this video and see such HOPE in my daughter. How could it be that she was left in China by her first family, simply because she did not speak? In just nine months she has come so far, learned so many new things. Yes, she does not speak voluntarily–but look at the amazing potential in this child! ALL things are possible with God. All things.


We were so blessed to have Amanda make a blog button for Hailee’s adoption. I have put it on the left hand sidebar. Such a blessing. If you click on the button, it takes you straight to our sponsorship page with Reeces Rainbow–they are the amazing ministry we found Hailee through. I am also going to leave the chip-in up. So, donations to Hailee’s adoption can be made either way. Please feel free to grab the button and post it on your own blogs. We would be so grateful if you could help us spread the word. Thank you, precious friends.