hold on, tiny love

It was almost one year ago that so many of you helped me to advocate for a precious little treasure named Zoey.

In His faithfulness, God in heaven heard every prayer for this fragile angel, and He called one family to go and bring her home.

Today I come to you all asking for your prayers once again.

Zoey’s amazing Mom and Dad met her for the first time this week.  They were absolutely heartbroken to find their beautiful daughter in such a fragile state.

Unfortunately, since adopting from her country requires two trips (several months apart), Zoey is going to have wait for a while longer before she can finally come home–and get the medical attention that she so desperately needs.

I understand!

I understand the heartache of knowing that you will have to leave a very sick child behind.

I remember the day that I met Hasya like it was yesterday. 

I remember the Father having to speak GRACE to my heart ten thousand times during that first visit.

No words can describe how hard and painful it is!

Would you please pray for little Zoey?  Would you believe with us that she will have the strength to hold on until she can come home?

Beauty WILL rise from these ashes!

Thank you, body of Christ.  I know it means the absolute world to the Winslow family to know that their sweetest little girl is being lifted before the throne of heaven.

You can follow along HERE.  If you feel led, please send them a note of encouragement–it would touch them deeply. Thanks!

Where two or more are gathered….