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home sweet home

We made it home safely.  It is wonderful to be with the rest of our family.  The journey home was long…very long. We were greeted at the airport by five very excited children anxiously waiting to meet their new sisters, and a news crew wanting to capture Hailee and Harper’s story.  You can watch it here if you feel like it. Nothing like getting off a long haul flight with two babies who have never traveled before, feeling like you really need a shower, and having a camera in your face. Goodness, I was totally exhausted.

I have beautiful pictures and memories to share with you from our homecoming.  I just have to find the cable thingy to download the photos.  Everything is such a mess here at home.  Oh my goodness–I hate mess! We’re frantically packing up house and getting ready to move to the east coast in just ten days.  I know, the timing is a little bit insane, but we never imagined our time in the Ukraine would be so crazy long. There is no way we can change plans, so forward we go.

Thank you for your amazing outpouring of love for Hailee’s birthday. We appreciate it more than you will ever know. Many of you have asked for more information about the other children in the room that Hailee was in.  I’ll share what I know soon. 

A more detailed post  to follow tomorrow when I can actually keep my eyes open long enough to share everything that is on my heart.  Yes, I am ridiculously tired.  The craziness of life from the last weeks, and everything else we have going on right now, has definitely caught up on me.

Love and biggest hugs to all of you.