hosted orphans desperately needing families

The precious children listed below are all currently in the U.S. on a hosting program.  Sadly, none of them have found committed families (yet!).

Some have special needs.  Others are aging out and the time remaining to find a family is so short.  And then there are those who have been hosted for several years and have still not been chosen!

All of them with one thing in common….

A longing in their hearts for a family to call their own!

Breaks my heart!

I cannot imagine being a young person, coming to this country, spending time in a home with a family…and then returning to the four walls of an orphanage–feeling rejected because no one chose them!  Excruciating!  It does NOT have to be that way.

Please, body of Christ!  We seriously need to rally for these children.  I KNOW there are amazing families out there who would adopt them…they just need to find them.  Can we please use our voices, our social networks, and our contact lists to spread the word?

I believe that every child deserves the love of a family!  These darling children are begging their host families for someone to bring them home forever.


POST, SHARE, TWEET, FACEBOOK, SEND E-MAILS…PLEASE.  Spreading the word is the only way they are going to find families!

I cannot stand the thought of any one of these children returning to their home country without hope.  We’re all called to do something to “care for the orphan”…even if it means just sharing their story in the hope that someone will see it and say yes!

From the bottom of my heart…thank you for caring.


All information below is shared by host families.

Praise God!  Kate has a committed family! 

Name:  Kate 
Age: 11
Country:  Latvia
Kate currently lives with a foster family that pours the love of Christ into her and she attends church regularly with them.  She herself is a believer.  We met Kate while in country adopting her foster sister and at that time we saw for ourselves what a sweetie she is.  She prays every day for a family to adopt her.  Kate is hyperactive and needs a lot of attention from momma according to her host family and would probably do very well in a family with older or same-age children.  She plays well with others and bonded very well with her host family’s daughter that was close in age. She has some learning delays and attends a special school.   Kate has been hosted a few times here in America but has yet to find her forever home.

This will probably be Kate’s last hosting and her future looks to be that of a boarding school if she is not adopted soon.  She is about the size of a seven year old and will not do well in this type of environment. After boarding school, her future would likely be that of a trade school if she’s lucky enough to get into one; however, a staggering number of orphan children are turned onto a life of prostitution and crime in order to survive and 15-20 percent will commit suicide by the age of 25.  This CANNOT happen to Kate! 

An adoption fund has been started for her, which is currently at $300 and is growing. 

For more information on adopting Kate, please contact Kelly Barth with Adoption Related Services at  (770) 514-7324 or to make a tax-deductible donation to Kate’s Adoption Fund, you can contact Tabitha Butler at [email protected] and I will get you the information on how to do that.

Name:  Nikita
Age:  12
Country:  Latvia
Nikita spent the summer in Georgia with my in-laws. He DESPERATELY needs a family. He is in an orphanage where the “big boys” beat him up, bully him, and steal his things. He told this to my in-laws. Nikita is 12, but is at the level of a seven- to eight-year old–he is still a very “little boy.” He is very smart, though. He loves fishing, horses, playing outside, and jumping on the trampoline!
For more information on Nikita, please contact [email protected]

Name:  Dzintars
Age:  14 (will be 15 in October)
Country:   Latvia

Dzintars would do well in any family. He bonds easily and is desperate for a family to call his own! He’s got a stellar personality and is up for anything! He’s happy to try new things or experience new things, he’s brave, he’s kind, he’s SOOOO funny and easy going. It has been a joy to have him in our home. He’s eager to learn English and gets along well with our two young children (ages 4 and 2) as well as some kids his age that I’ve connected him with. He desires to learn to swim and has worked diligently in his swim lessons to accomplish his goal.

He likes America very much and has expressed on numerous occasions that he desires to stay here. I cannot say enough good things about this child! He loves all sports, especially baseball and soccer. He’s kind to animals, helpful around the house and inquisitive about how things work. All this kid desires is a family to call his own! Could you be the answer to his prayers?

Contact Stacey Maljian at [email protected] or read more about Dzintars at Where He Leads

Thank you, Lord Jesus!  Viktor has been CHOSEN!
Name:  Viktor
Age:  14 years old
Country:  Ukraine
Viktor is a precious, sweet, helpful, patient kiddo. He does so well with our younger children.  He is really laid-back, easygoing and just fun to be around!  We love him so much, and he deserves a forever family. At this point, we don’t feel God’s call for us to do that and we fervently pray that the right family will come forward for him.  He loves swimming, bike-riding, playing on playgrounds, rollerblading, listening to music, Chuck E Cheese, camping (especially marshmallows), playing soccer, and he is learning to play the violin.  I could go on and on about this adorable, loving boy.

If you are interested in learning more about him, please contact me and I can give you a link to my blog for a very detailed account of our hosting experience.

Laramie:    [email protected]

Name:  ‘R”
Age:  12
Country:  Eastern Europe
“R” is a 12 year old boy from an Eastern European country whom our family hosted this summer. I have found him to be the most amazing child I have ever met.  He just happens to have Cerebral Palsy.  It is my opinion he needs a home NOW… no dilly-dallying. I have taken him to Shriner’s Hospital where he has spent some time being evaluated. The results of that evaluation are being formed into a plan of action, so it is imperative he find a loving and committed family NOW to keep the continuity of his care going.  “R” is so bright, cheerful, has a GREAT personality and sense of humor.  He needs so desperately to be in a family, a nurturing, optimistic family that will nurture his abilities. God made this one special, I feel he has a plan for “R”.  In the right home this one is going places and will bless lives!!!   He has an even temperament, and he always has a smile on his face!  He is a tease! My oldest son said, “Mom, he makes me laugh!”  To show his joking side I am sending a picture of him with the pineapple top on his head.  When I cut the pineapple, he said, “Mom! Take a picture!”  
When he first got here, “R” just clung to me.  Still, 4 weeks later, if I go look for my shoes he will still follow me.  But as the weeks have progressed this has tempered down some.  He is getting more secure.  “R” loves to be home, not wanting to leave a lot. When we do leave he likes to come back home. I do believe this is due to feeling insecure. I am getting a sense, also, that he is embarrassed by his CP.  He will swim in our backyard pool (Just those 3 foot by 12 foot blow up types) with my daughters and their friends, but he will not if we go some place else.  When we went to Shriner’s he cried. I am certain it was fear and embarrassment.  
“R” seems to find joy in the little things… like when we walked home from church in the rain.  And, he is a tinkerer!  When we are driving he sits in the passenger seat enjoying playing with the air vents, causing the air conditioner to blow on me! Then he giggles and says, “MOM! You look beautiful now!”  He LOVES to play music, so enjoys being “DJ” in the car. And, we have a sun-roof so he will open it up, look up at the sky, and put his hand up through it to feel the air blowing!  Then, he wants to share that joy by placing my hand through the open sun roof so that I might feel it also.  
“R” is a treasure.  Literally. He is that little pearl you find in the oyster.  He is just.. beautiful.  He is incredibly bright, with the ability to read, write, and speak English (he does still have a bit of trouble sometimes understanding completely what is being said to him.. but he gets 85% of it!). He also speaks and understands some Russian. But neither of these is his native language!  He is BRILLIANT with electronics…he loves the computer.  And as an aside…he is obedient, too.  I asked him to not get on FB or any social network while here…and even when I wasn’t looking he obeyed.  
The greatest challenge anyone will have with him is his need for you.  I think that will taper off as he grows to feel more and more secure.  For this month he has wanted to stay home with us. He is uncomfortable in new places and with new people. He doesn’t open up that easily outside the home.  He feels awkward, and it shows.  A lot of pure TLC and patience works wonders though, with him.  I think this is saying something.  He isn’t defiant…by a long shot.  In fact he accidentally broke one of my cups and he cried in shame!  I had to just hug him, reassuring him it was okay, it was just a cup!
R would BLOSSOM in a home where a parent was home and can devote the time to helping him feel secure.  As I said.. the worse issue someone will face with him is “clingyness”.   He needs lots of TLC.  He likes to be by your side as you cook, clean, and work on projects.  In fact.. he LOVES to cook!  As he gets to know his “siblings” he will spend time with them, too.  He has bonded the best with my 15 year old daughter. He seems to gravitate towards girls vs. boys.  I think this has to do with his disability and his interests.  He said he likes to read. He also loves music, and creating things on the computer.  He really took to my camera, also, and loves taking pictures, downloading them, organizing them, and printing them out.  And…did I mention he likes to cook?!  Lol!  He would do well in any family…but I would suggest a family without another child that is high need still of mom and dad. 
Please feel free to contact me about him. This is an “angel” child… he is an overall good boy.  Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you may have for him.  My name is Brenda. 

Name:  Viktors 
Age:  11 years old
Country:  [email protected] 
We have had a wonderful time with him this summer.  He is pretty laid back and has enjoyed doing all kinds of activities with our family.  He is all boy, but we see moments of tenderness where he wants to hold our hands, cuddle with us, or tell us he loves us.  He loves to swim, ride bikes, and check out sport cars.  If our family felt led to adopt, we would have absolutely no reservations in pursuing Viktors.  He desires to stay in America.

I would love to share more of his personality with anyone interested.  Everyone who has met him seems surprised by how easy going he seems.  He has been a joy to get to know.  

Contact Shelley at [email protected]


Name:  Alyona
Age:  Just turned 14 this July
Country:  Eastern Europe
Alyona has just joined us for 4 weeks via Journeys of Joy hosting program.  Her original host family were unavailable at the last minute, so we wanted her to still be able to come on her trip!  She is sweet, patient, gentle, courageous and quick to pick things up.  She is much more like an 11 year old than 14 with her lack of ‘exposure’ to the world and opportunities.  Her teachers love her and they say she is catching up.  She’s very affectionate, delightful, great with our little boys (4+5) and enjoys playing games with our girls (10+13).   She has a natural bent towards any craft or artistic opportunity.  Quickly she joined along in our home and does her part in cleaning up and being helpful.  We pray the Lord is using this trip to help connect her to her forever family! The orphanage director is stateside this trip so we hope to connect soon with her to gather more info re: why her parents lost rights when she was 9. We believe the Lord is already at work in and through her and can’t wait to see His unfolding!
For more information on this precious young lady, please contact Cindy at [email protected]


Name:  Anatolii
Age:  13
Country: Eastern Europe
Antonlii is the sweetest boy.  He is always anxious to help in any way he can, whether it is outside or in the kitchen.  He is thoughtful and kind.  He always opens doors for females and wants to buy gifts for others. He likes art and singing – and is good at both.  He does not really like sports but loves to ride bikes and swim!  He is definitely not a couch potato – he wants to be doing something all the time.  He is very smart.  He catches on quickly to everything.  After a few weeks at our house, he was already giving me driving directions to nearby places – and he was correct .He says that he likes school and reports that he makes good grades.  He is HIV+ and is on medications. His health seems good (although he is very small for a 13yr old).  In fact, he was the only one in the family that did not get an awful summer cold. Tolia loves a good joke.  He laughs and laughs when he can pull an innocent prank on someone. He would thrive in a family with other children of any age.  
This boy would do great in a family from day one!!
For additional information, please contact  [email protected] 

Name:  “William”
Age: 8
Country: Eastern Europe

William is an 8 year old boy with the cutest, sweet smile. He is polite, kind, helpful and has a great sense of humor with a contagious laugh. He is also seems to be very gentle. William is an engaging child, who is alert and aware of what is happening around him. He joins in to activities easily and seems to catch on to them quickly. William seems like a well-rounded child. He likes to do physical activity, but also will sit quietly and draw, color and read with good focus. He has enjoyed picking out stacks of Russian and English books at the library. He enjoys swimming, rock wall climbing, and playgrounds. William seems very athletic and well coordinated – when rock climbing, he even did gymnastic flips and rolls onto the crash mats that astounded everyone.

William came to the orphanage about a year ago from a shelter and no one has ever come to visit him or contacted him. He is truly alone. His teachers say that he may have some learning disabilities. However, he tries very hard in school and in our lessons at camp.

Contact person: Amanda, [email protected]


Name: Sergiy
Age:  15 (Turns 16 in Oct. so this is his very last chance!)
Country: Eastern Europe

Sergiy is full of joy and love, rarely is there not a smile on his face.  His greatest desire is to have a forever family to love and adore him. He turns 16 in Oct. so this is his last chance! He needs a family to act fast for him! (paperwork must be in process before he turns 16).  Sergiy appears to have some learning difficulties and possibly has FAS (though has not been tested to be conclusive). He will thrive in a family where lots of attention is able to be given. He is beginning to pick up some English, I think he would be able to grasp it fairly well if one-on-one time could be spent without any outside interruptions. He does not like any type of outside noise when he is trying to read or learn. As with most kids, he does not like it when he does not get what he wants, and will let you know. However, he is also full of “I love yous” and hugs and kisses.  He loves music, photography and food! He can be the absolute sweetest loving guy ever, but he also can display anger and mood swings. He needs a family who can give him a lot of love and attention. He would be best in a small family with children ages 10 and over, that understands special needs children, or as an only child.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.


Name: Toms
Age: 12
Country: Latvia

This boy is such a joy and brought our family a lot of love and laughter this summer. Toms has been in a stable, loving foster family since he was 3 years old. Because of this, he knows how to function as a member of a family, receive love and form relationships. We have 3 young boys and he bonded very well to all 3 although it took a little longer with the younger 2. Toms has a huge heart and was very helpful with all of our children. Toms is social and comfortable around large groups of people. He does have lots of energy but I wouldn’t label him hyperactive. Like any young boy he just needs outlets for his energy, and loves swimming in both a pool and the ocean, bike riding, scooters and being outside. While at the ocean, Toms played for hours in the waves and seemed to really be at peace there. When trying to deal with things he didn’t like, things didn’t go his way or if he just needed a break, Toms would go to his room and play legos, trucks or puzzles. Toms really loved playing with dump trucks in the sand at the beach and our sand box.

He speaks Latvian, Russian and his English exploded while he was here as he was incredibly motivated to learn and try new things. Toms will do amazing in a family! He should be available for hosting again at Christmas through New Horizons for Children and we’ve been told he has been cleared for International Adoption.

Thought I’d throw in here that Toms will bless your socks off. He is an amazing young man and the only reason we’re letting him go is that after lots and lots of prayer, the Lord said he wasn’t ours. Please help us find his forever family!

Contact Kristin Wright, [email protected], 678-491-6253 or New Horizons for Children for more information on adopting Toms.