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a hug from my past

Goodness gracious, our days have been full to overflowing.  Filled with the Father’s most abundant blessings.

The blessings came in the form of a friend. An old friend who came to visit us. We went to school together.  Gosh, school feels like it was just yesterday AND a very long time ago all at the same time.  Weird. 

It was so much fun having my friend Megan and her son with us. Our kids loved having a friend around, and I loved having an old friend to catch up with.  We reminisced about the good old days, got caught up on who got married, who’s had kids, and who’s doing what with their lives, drank hot tea with milk, watched some crazy Afrikaans videos on YouTube, laughed about things that happen in South Africa, and we sorted out all the problems in the world in our four days together.  Fun!

I truly have been blessed in my life.  As we have moved and lived in various places around the world, the Lord has been so gracious to bring some incredible women into my life.  Many of them I know I will be friends with for life.  But one of the hardest things about leaving my country has definitely been not having old friends and my family around.  I miss them so much, and it just does not get easier as the years pass by. I so appreciate it when the Lord gives me an opportunity to spend time with someone who I have not seen for many years.  He is so good to make sure that I do it fairly regularly too.  The timing is always perfect.  Just when I need a hug from my past–He sends me one in the flesh.

Being with Megan has been such a treat in the last few days. A special gift from the Lord.

Together with my dear hubby, she came up with a plan to get me out of the house and enjoying some alone time–something I hardly ever get to do.  I got treated to a few hours at a spa on Saturday.  Oh my word–heaven on earth, I tell you.  I absolutely loved it. I came home feeling like a new mom.

Later that day, a local church arranged for the fire department to spray the neighborhood kids in the park across the street. Our eight children wasted no time in getting in on the fun.

These two angels thought there was nothing sweeter than a cool sprinkling on a hot summers day.

Can you just tell how much Hailee is game for anything fun? Look at her face in the picture below.

Yep–this girl may be tiny in body, but she is HUGE in the play department.  As far as Hailee is concerned, the wilder something is, the more fun it is.  She’s our crazy girl. 

Then we got in a little bit of history.  Nothing like forcing this mommy to get her rear into gear for the new school year–which I guess should have actually begun for us already.  Um, yeah, maybe this week.

One of my treasures is getting ready for his first year of official schooling.  Oh my–how does it come so quickly?  Surely my baby boy is not ready for kindergarten yet? Why oh why must they grow up so fast?

And what would a visit from friends be without a trip to the water?

Where sweet big brothers entertained their water-loving baby sisters. Hailee and Harper love, love, love the water. They can literally be turning into raisins and still they want to stay in the water.  I have noticed how they have gotten more and more adventurous each time we have been in the water this summer.  First they were content to just put their toes in, then they allowed us to put their bottoms in.  These days they scoot themselves deeper and deeper until I actually have to pull them to where it is a little more shallow.

Learning and growing every single day.

We praise God for each and every milestone they reach.

And each and every tender kiss on the cheek.

We’re so thankful for big kids who adore their little sisters.

We’re absolutely making the most of these final days of summer. 

I love boys.  I love that God decided I needed to be a mommy to boys.  Boy are totally fun.  Don’t you think?

They cannot help themselves.  They just have to rough and tumble.  No matter how big or how little they are. Whether they’re on dry land–or in the water.

Boys will be boys. And I love it.

And sweet baby angels will be sweet baby angels.

And sleepy eyes that can no longer stay awake need their bed, not a box.

Such a busy few days.

Thank you, Megan, for the beautiful gift of your friendship and for spending precious days with my family.  We all love you and will miss you madly. 


Thank you to all of you who shared about your own personal experiences regarding feeding issues with your own children.  I so appreciate each and every comment you left in my last post regarding Hailee and her growth.  You sure have given me a lot of food for thought.  I have taken it all to heart and will start looking into your many suggestions. I will keep you posted.