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I am speechless!

How do you ever put into words the amazing-ness of God?????? About 2 weeks ago I posted about how we were turned down for a grant that we applied for for Haven’s adoption. Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry, Shaohannah’s Hope, had given us a generous grant for Hannah-Claire. We applied again, but were unsuccessful. At first we were heartbroken about it, but God soon turned it into a faith-building exercise for us. Could He STILL not provide every dollar we required? Of course He could. And He did…through our yard sale and the generosity of many, He slowly began to add to our adoption fund. Faithful!

THEN, this morning Anthony got a call from Shoahannah’s Hope…they had prayerfully reconsidered our application. The result……a $3000 grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!!!

How absolutely incredible is our Living God? Does He not know every need that we have BEFORE we even ask? Does He not go before us in ALL THINGS. Does He not open the flood gates of heaven when we are OBEDIENT???????????? Wow. I am so continually amazed at the love God has for Haven. Oh how His heart must have broken when she was left in China after having her family for just 5 days. BUT….He is about to turn her brokenness into healing. He is about to restore EVERYTHING to her that was stolen. My heart can hardly contain it all. God is still in the business of miracles. My heart cannot comprehend how much He LOVES orphans and desires to see them in families.

We are so grateful to Shaohannah’s Hope, they have blessed us so abundantly for both of our adoptions.