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I am unashamedly

Well now.  After my post a couple of days ago about Down syndrome and just how deserving these precious children are of LIFE (as are all babies), I got some very interesting e-mails. 

When does life begin?

What about a parent’s right to choose?

What about a profound special-needs diagnosis?

I thought of writing out a whole post about what I thought and the things that we believed to be truth.  But it really comes down to one very simple fact…

I am unashamedly PRO-LIFE!

I believe with all my heart…

That every baby has a right to be born–no matter what is “wrong” with them, no matter under which circumstances they were conceived, no matter how many days or hours God gives them breath on this earth, no matter how tough the road in parenting them may become!

That life begins at conception.

That it is never, ever okay to terminate the life of an unborn child.


Instead of sharing my own heart, I thought I would rather share one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen with you.  They say it so much better than I ever could.

I honestly think that every person on the planet needs to watch this documentary by Ray Comfort.  He is awesome.  His book The Way of the Master, co-authored with Kirk Cameron, is one of the best I have ever read.  This short movie is hard to watch in places.  I watched it through tears.  But, it is such a huge eye opener. 

Please, if you are even remotely unsure about whether it is right or wrong to end the life of an unborn child, or if you have never given it much thought, please watch this.  It is 33 minutes of time well invested.

Pass it along to anyone who you think will listen…it could just mean the life of a baby will be saved!

Every unborn child needs a voice!

You can see more at

Because every life is valuable and precious to God, and therefore to us.

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