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I believe in miracles

Oh, friends!  I’m a tearful mess.  It’s been a long, stretching, emotional day. But God has been so, so good to our precious daughter.  And to us too.

After so many months of agonizing over what the best thing to do for Hasya was, with the guidance of a new surgeon (who we absolutely love) we finally had peace. As many of you who have gone before us know so very well, it’s hard making tough medical decisions.  It’s especially hard with a child like ours who has so much stacked against her.  A child who has endured so much pain and suffering in her life and deals with the horrible consequences of that daily.  It’s just hard.

With our tiny mustard seed of faith, we believed that our God was able.

We believed in the power of prayer and the body of Christ coming together.

We believed that where two or more are gathered together…

Today, God’s people stormed heaven on behalf of our daughter!

We were told by many specialists that Hasya’s spine, “could never be straight,”  and that the best they could do was get her to about a forty degree curve.

And then the Church prayed.

And trusted with us.

And believed that He would be faithful to our daughter.


We wept when we saw this!

Today, God astounded us with a miracle! The surgeon and every other medical person who operated on our daughter today was amazed.  One physician told me, “Her spine was much more flexible than we thought. We were very surprised.”  Were we surprised?  NO!  Only God can take impossibe-to-straighten bones and make them almost perfectly straight.  ONLY God!

We believe in miracles in 2016.  We believe that He truly is exceedingly, abundantly able to do immeasurably more.

Thank you to every single person who prayed today.  No words can ever express our gratitude.  Thank you for standing with us.

Tonight Hasya is recovering in ICU and is finally resting after being in a tremendous amount of pain.  I am so thankful to the staff here who are doing everything they can to help her to manage the pain. The next few days and weeks are going to be hard as we trust for complete healing in her little body.  Please continue to pray for relief and that we will be able to keep her comfortable.

God never said it would be easy.  But He did promise that He would be with our daughter. And so we’ll continue to trust Him moment by moment, day by day.

She is a testimony to the faithfulness and the wonder of our Father and is touching the hearts of everyone who meets her here.

With a heart of overflowing gratitude.