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I just have to say it…..

I know, I know….I really shouldn’t do it–Looking at waiting child websites should be completely off limits for me 🙂 But, my heart cannot help it…I long, with everything that is within me, to see less children waiting for families.

But, the orphan crisis is at it’s worst ever. There are literally hundreds of thousands of children who wait–many without hope of ever finding a family to love them. I think about how close Haven came to being one of those children. What would her life have looked like had she have stayed in China? She would have had no hope. Haven is one of the fortunate ones. There are soooooo many more like her…children who wonder every day if a mommy and daddy will ever come for them. Especially the older children.

I do confess. Before the Lord opened our hearts to adoption and orphans I used to see all the advertisements for orphan sponsorships and never really gave it a second thought. It was always something someone else could take care of. Yikes! Doesn’t Gods word tell me that we ALL need to take care of the widows and the orphans?

Now, I know that not everyone is called to adopt. I completely understand that. But, my hearts desire is to see ALL of us doing something, however big or small to help. There are many wonderful ministries to support an orphan through. If we don’t feel called to adopt ourselves, what about helping those who are called with financial help? The costs of adoption are, quite frankly, insane. The financial barrier puts so many families off, it is just too daunting. But oh how God loves to mobilize the Body of Christ when there is a need, especially when it comes to rescuing a child out of a hopeless situation. We have seen it with both of our adoptions. Father God provided every dollar that we needed to bring the girls home–most of the money came from people we have never even met. God used each one of them. Every little bit given to a family’s adoption adds up so quickly.

If anyone reading my blog has never considered adoption as part of God’s plan for your family….PLEASE prayerfully consider it. Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry, Shaohannah’s Hope, recently put out a statement that if just ONE IN SEVEN Christian families took in just one child, there would be no more orphans in the world. Wow! It does not matter whether they are babies, healthy children, special needs children or older children…..they ALL need someone to love them.

My life will never be the same again. I have seen the miracle working hand of God through my two daughters. I never imagined I could ever love any child as much as I love my biological sons….until God showed me another way. It is true, they are birthed in my heart. No amount of material wealth or earthly belongings could EVER bless me as much as these two girls have. My life is changed–I see things differently. The things of the world seem so much less significant to me now. I have experienced Christ’s love in such a tangible way by stepping out and taking in two orphan girls. The Father has turned my life inside out and upside down—my dreams included having two children, a big house and enough money to give them everything they ever desired—-wow did God have other plans for the Salem’s!