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Why do innocent orphans get dealt such an unfair hand?


I just don’t get it–and never will.

This morning I read a story about a little girl in China who has been given the worst news imaginable, “Sorry, Honey, you will have to go back and live in your orphanage. Your mommy and daddy cannot take you to America.”

Oh my heart, I just don’t get it.

My friend Lori posted about this family, in China now. After the routine medical test that every adopted child has to go through in China, it was discovered that she has TB. Not active TB. She is just a carrier of the disease. She is NOT contagious. It seems the decision has been made by those who make decisions in Immigration, and she is not allowed in the USA! Oh my heart.

Why is it that HIV children and even HEP B children (like our girls),both ‘infectious’ diseases, are allowed into the USA, but this little girl is being denied her family because the CDC says NO? She has been with her family for several weeks, has bonded with them, loves them–and now she must go back to the orphanage. How come?

We know first hand how devastating and detrimental it is to a child when they are sent back to an orphanage, even after being in a family just a few days. Just ask Haven!

Injustice is alive and well. It absolutely breaks my heart when a small, innocent child is involved. The reality of her future is that she will remain in China, ‘labeled’ with this disease with little hope or future. Oh God in heaven.

It seems the family has no choice…at this stage. The little girl would have to be on drugs for a couple more months, and then retested for TB. She is apparently responding well to the medication.

I wonder what I would do?

I am so heartbroken for this little girl. Best case scenario, the drugs will take effect and she may be available for adoption again. God in heaven, let it be so!

Injustice. What is the world coming to? Has compassion run out?