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inspired by his story

I’ll be honest.  I have felt so discouraged when it comes to blogging over the last couple of weeks. 
I have asked the Father many times each day, “Is this worth it?”  “Do I carry on, Lord…or is it time to move on from sharing my heart here?”
Yesterday I honestly felt so emotional.  My heart has been aching for these three children (and many others just like them) who still wait…and wait…and wait.  No matter how hard I try, sometimes I struggle to separate myself emotionally from the desperate needs that I share with you.  It’s hard!  I guess that’s what happens when we ask the Lord to break our hearts for what breaks His.
My heart felt so heavy. I really needed some sweet encouragement from the Lord.
How good is God to send much needed words of hope, love and perspective when we need it most? 
Last night my friend, Hansina, sent me her story about Andrew’s adoption.  I cried. Almost one year ago I shared “Jonathan’s” story here for the first time.  I wondered who in the world would go for this sweet young man who was about to find himself out on the streets.  Having seen so many children “age out” of the adoption system, I wrote that post with doubt in my heart–questioning God’s ability to raise up the perfect family who would love this older boy.  Such little faith.
He answered in the sweetest of ways!  He moved on the hearts of a loving, amazing, Christ-centered family.  And they said yes to Jonathan.
And then last summer we all prayed with all of our hearts as the boy who so many of us had fallen in love with said that he did not want a family after all.  We got on our knees and prayed that the FATHER’S WILL be done in his life–nothing more, nothing less.
With tears streaming down my face last night, the Father encouraged me through the journey of this one handsome boy.  A boy who was so close to being let out of the orphanage with nothing to his name–no hope, no future! 
A young man who so many of you helped me to advocate for.  I believe his story is still one of the most read blog posts here.  
A precious, precious child of God…and now a beloved SON of two people who never in the world imagined they would adopt an older child. 
I am so, so thankful to the Mickschl family for their willingness to share their son’s story.  God used it in such a beautiful way to minister to my own heart and remind me of why I do what I do–why each and every story and need is important to share… 

even when it truly feels hopeless.

Because we serve a Father of the impossible.  

A God who is more than able to raise up families for the hardest-to-place children.

A Daddy in heaven who CARES for these children more than my heart can fathom. 

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” ~~ Gal. 6:9


Lovingly shared by Hansina who blogs her journey RIGHT HERE.

My husband and I sat on the couch together last December having a cup of coffee.  Normally, I don’t read blogs when I’m spending time with my husband in the mornings, but I opened Adéye’s blog and started reading about a boy that was about to age out of the orphanage.  My husband and I looked into this young boy’s eyes and knew he was our son.  No words were spoken between us.  We just looked at each other and I knew what my husband, Mark, was thinking.  

Then he said, “Check into it.”

And that was the beginning of our adoption of Andrew (Jonathan).

Mark and I had said years ago that we would not adopt an older child. We would only adopt babies or toddlers. But what chance does the older child have? It was out of fear that we did not want an older child.  I started researching what happens to these kids when they age out of the system. It was worse than being in the orphanage.

The Lord was beginning a work on our hearts

In June of 2012 we flew to Ukraine to meet our new son. I knew when he entered the room, he was meant to be in our family. He wouldn’t make eye contact with us, but looked right at the director.  He let her know he didn’t want to be adopted.  Mark said, “Come on, honey, let’s lay hands on him and pray blessing over his life and his decision.” After we left the room, we turned around and saw him crying.  The director asked us to come back in, that Andrew could not sign the paper saying that he didn’t want a family. He asked us if he could think about it for a couple of days.  We said, “Yes,” and went back to our room.

Mark and I started praying and called out to our many friends and family through the Internet.  There were so many people praying for Andrew!  The Lord reached down that night and touched Andrew’s heart. The next morning when we went to the orphanage Andrew came running out to us and was speaking so fast with such excitement!  He told our facilitator that he wrote the letter saying he wanted a family and signed it this morning! Later on he told me it was out of fear that he had originally said no.

After being home a few months Andrew asked if he and I could sit and talk.  He told me when he first came to America it was to make something of himself and head back to Ukraine in a couple of years.  He didn’t want to stick around.  But now that he’s here things have changed for him.  He doesn’t want to return to Ukraine until he’s in his 30’s and only for a visit.  He talked about how dad (Mark) and I have taught him love. He has said many times that there was no love at the orphanage.  Now he has brothers, sisters and a family. 

At Thanksgiving my mom asked him, “Is the best thing about Thanksgiving the food?” (We all know how he LOVES to eat!)  Andrew said, “The food is good, but it is not about the food.  I love being with my family!

Love and family!  Someone please love me. That’s what the orphan is saying. I want to be loved. I want to know what it’s like to be in a family. I want to belong to someone. Isn’t that what our Heavenly Father does for us?  He IS love. He has adopted us into His family. We are His. We are wanted by Him.  

I am so thankful we stepped out in faith and adopted Andrew! He belongs. He is our son, brother, grandson and nephew. 

He is loved and wanted.

If any of you have an inkling to adopt an older child, that is the Lord putting it on your heart, so don’t be afraid.

These are His kids and we are His hands and feet.

If we don’t step out in faith and jump off that cliff…who will?

Is adoption easy?

No, but it is so rewarding!