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into the light

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with kids braces.  I appreciate it so very much.  After reading through them all, we will most probably choose to just wait a while longer.  At least until he has all his permanent teeth.  I agree with what so many of you shared–putting them on at such a young age is no fun at all for the child.  It seems pointless at this stage.  We’ll just deal with it later.

I’m working on a post for tonight.  Something that is stirring up inside me.  Something that totally disturbs me. 

Controversial?  Maybe.  Something that you hardly ever hear about.  It’s never spoken about in the Church –yet it absolutely should be.  I think the place I see it most talked about is in Catholic circles. Some things are easier swept under the rug.

But sometimes things need to be brought out into the light.

More later, dear friends.