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the journey

I have had so many ask me how things are going with the process to bring Hailee home.  Sorry, I should have updated you a while ago.

Many of you have journeyed with me for a while, and know of the obstacles we have faced in bringing Hailee home.  If you are a new friend, you can read our story to bring Hailee home here and here

Okay, so here’s the scoop…

In my opinion, things are moving way too slowly.  But, having been down this road twice before, I know this is just the way things go with adoption.  It’s all about waiting.  If ever you need a lesson in patience–just go through the process to adopt a child!

We traveled to Denver last week and had my fingerprints done for my citizenship application.  Once cleared by the FBI, our Congressman can actively get involved with the process being expedited. Until then, there is nothing he can do. 

But there somehow always has to be a catch, huh? 

We really are trusting God with this whole situation.  Once our Congressman has my application in his hands, it will be submitted to a board of people (I have no idea who they are, only that they are in Nebraska somewhere).   These are the ones who get to decide whether my case is worthy of being expedited, or not.   These few people are the only ones who have the power to move my application to become a US citizen from the normal slow boat to China process, to the fast track.  Kind of like a jury decision, I’m guessing.

What are my chances of receiving my citizenship in a rush?  Fifty percent, we are told.  Hey, that’s way better than twenty percent.  We’ll take it.

The thing we do have in our favor is the support of our local Congressman.  That should carry some weight when decisions are being made by the powers that be. 

But really, what it all comes down to is GOD!  He knows Hailee’s situation.  He knows that she absolutely cannot wait in an orphanage another year or so.  He alone can turn the coldest hearts and grant us a favorable decision.

He alone!

No man can stand in the way of what the Almighty God has destined to take place, even before the foundation of the earth.  Since the day we felt we had to bring Hailee home we have seen the hand of the Everlasting God upon our plans His plans.  He has gone before us–making a way where there has seemed to be no way, time and time again.  He has moved mountain after seemingly immovable mountain.  His still, small voice has been ever present, leading and guiding us in the way we should go.

We’re resting in the absolute assurance that He is faithful! 

And how faithful He is.  After our yard sale we gathered a few items that did not sell.  Things we knew we could sell online and get some decent money for.  We have slowly been getting rid of them.  Our grand total from selling yard sale items is now at $7200!  Is that just amazing?

Our next big fundraiser is being planned and organized.  The date is set for October 10.  Local performers are coming together to hold a benefit concert for Hailee.  Amazing performing artists are donating their time, and their amazing talents…because they care so deeply.  A Local news network will be covering the story–may the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords be glorified!