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just another blessed day

How can I ever thank you all enough for posting about sweet Monroe on your FB’s and blogs. The need for this angel boy to find a home quickly has certainly been passed around.  I just know that his family will find him very soon.  I’ll keep you posted.  Thank you for standing with me and trusting for the life of this precious little boy.

I cannot believe that we are fast approaching August.  It’s downhill to Christmas from here on.  Where in the world does time go?  The school year will be here in no time and I am so not organized.  Have any of you ever used Switched On Schoolhouse?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

We have a lot going on in our family right now. I have to get Hailee and Harper to a gazillion doctors appointments in August.  It is going to be a busy month.  For every person who has written to ask me if Hailee definitely has Down syndrome–yes, she does.  We just got the results back from chromosome tests and she absolutely does have that special extra chromosome.  I got asked so many times whether we were positive the diagnosis in the Ukraine was correct that I was even beginning to wonder myself.  Now we know. We’re still trying to determine whether she has some CP too. 

We’ve been busy. Life has been all about getting over the dreadful stomach flu, trips to play basketball with Daddy, preparing to have our friends two sons stay with us while they are in China adopting their newest blessing, finally getting around to testing for homeschool (better late than never, huh?), researching the best places to get therapy for Hailee, Harper and Haven, helping little girls stand on their legs as often as possible, enjoying the hot summer days, finally getting to a hairdresser, putting a new reward system in place for our children, painting a chalkboard in the kitchen, and taking pics of my gorgeous men…

How I adore these men of a Mighty God the Father has blessed me with.

Do you see my littlest boy in the background? Just quietly doing his own thing. Probably examining some kind of bug. Too cute.

I also wanted to tell you all about three bloggy friends having fundraisers to bring the precious children home.  Please consider going and supporting them.  Lori and her family are adopting an older teenage boy who is aging out of the system.  They’re giving away an IPAD so hop on over to her blog and check it out.  My friend Holly is having an amazing online auction.  She has some very cool stuff that you can bid on.  Every bid counts when you’re raising money.  And then there is Janet and her family.  They are almost on their way to China to bring their son home.  He is blind and needs medical intervention as soon as possible.  They have exhausted all their options for fund raising and are really trusting the Lord for the last of the finances they need.

I know that each of these amazing families will so appreciate our help. Thanks, friends.