just a little update

Many of you have written to me saying that you can’t comment.  Sorry!  A long story short…WordPress was so frustrating. Posts and comments kept duplicating.  That thing is SO darn technical (my brain doesn’t go there!) and trying to figure it all out took me away from my little darlings.  Something I absolutely don’t want!  So we brought my blog back to good old Blogger.  Stick with what ya know, huh?

The comment section will be fixed soon.  We’re installing a different commenting system which is fabulous.

Thanks for your patience.  I have part 3 of the “ups of Down” series waiting to be posted today.

Happy first day of summer, everyone. 

I’ll leave you with a scripture I’ve had on my heart over the last few days.

SURELY your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life.” Psalm 23:6.
The Message says “will chase after me”.   I love that.

May His goodness and unfailing love chase after you today!

Oh, please go and vote for my friend (and soon to be missionary) Amy!  I’m so praying her blog wins. Thanks.