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just some randomness

~~  Thank you so much to all of you who are praying for sweet Tripp.  Please keep bringing him and his sweet family before the Father.  My heart is so burdened for them.  I just cannot, cannot imagine walking the road they have been called to walk. Oh, how they need our prayers!

~~  Many have written to ask me about Teri Lynn and whether she has a committed family yet.  I have not heard anything, but when I do, I will absolutely share the good news with you guys.

~~  I know that many of you know Julia from here on my blog.  She was the first little love whom I advocated for last year.  Julia was in the same room as Hailee in the orphanage.  She has been home for two months now.  I have been so blessed to be able to see her a few times since she lives just one hour away from me. Goodness gracious….the latest pics of her are just amazing! They totally made me smile.

She is a little flower blossoming in the springtime.  And the crazy thing?  They are not even sure if Julia does indeed have Cockayne syndrome (a very debilitating disease which causes premature aging).  Genetic testing is happening, but right now it looks as if she may not have it.   It was something I always wondered about as I simply could not see her orphanage doing all the testing that needed to be done to reach that diagnosis.  Just goes to show once again that anyone adopting really needs to take every bit of information they get about their child on the other side of the world with a grain of salt.  Hang on to the information very loosely until your child is home and you can have everything properly checked out.  Boy, do we know this with our Haven’s adoption.

~~  I’m still trying to figure out why some comments are going to Disqus, and others are going to my old commenting system.  Weird!  If you leave a comment and don’t see it on the post, please know that I do read them, but it has probably gone to the old system, which is not visible to you readers. I have no idea what’s up with that.

~~  We’re loving every day we have left of our summer.  I cannot believe it’s the end of July this week.  I really need to start getting ready for the new school year.  So not ready for that.  I need to find some serious motivation somewhere.

~~  I haven’t forgotten about the book giveaway.  I’ve just been so caught up with other stuff here on my blog that I haven’t had a chance to pick a winner.  I’ll announce the winner later.  Sorry for the delay.

~~  My heart is so heavy with all the things going wrong in this world.  Pain, suffering, death, violence, shooting massacres, tornadoes, floods…every single day.  I have to constantly remind myself that this life is so temporary–that one day these troubles will end and the glory of the Lord will fill the earth.  But until that day comes, those of us who put our faith and our hope in Jesus have such an assurance that no matter what happens, His love, His mercy, His faithfulness, and His grace will never fail us.  Ever! Some days I long for heaven–but until we hear the trumpet call and see Him riding on the clouds in all His glorious splendor, well, we have to continue shining HIS light in a world gone crazy–serving, caring, and continuing to love the one in front of us.

It’s so important for us to continue to fill our hearts and our minds with His Word–hanging on to every promise He gives us.

I hope you all have a very blessed Monday.  Know that no matter what we go through in this life, no matter what trials we are tested with, no matter how hard things seem…