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just waiting to be chosen

I’m sharing precious Nora again because I just cannot believe she’s still waiting for a family.  It’s been such a long time. She is beyond precious, beautiful, super smart and will do so very well in a family.  If you’ve ever prayed about adopting a treasure who has Down syndrome, please consider this little beauty.  She’s just waiting for someone to love her.  Please share her need on your social media, friends.  We’re trusting! 

Oh, you guys!  I am so captivated by a darling little girl who my friend Annie shared with me. She is absolutely precious and is just waiting for someone to scoop her up.  As a mom to three children who have Down syndrome, I feel that Nora will do so amazingly well in a family.  She’s smart, can take care of her own needs, and seems to be high functioning.  She just needs a family to help her to reach her full potential.

Nora is five years old.


Nora’s file states that she can walk and navigate stairs independently. She can understand instructions and can speak simple words, such as baba, mama, brother, puppy, thanks and awesome. Nora is said to be able to talk on the phone, dance, eat well (not picky), tell her caregiver when she needs to use the bathroom, and is cooperative when getting dressed.


Nora recently attended Lifeline’s spring camp.  One camp worker shared, “I spent most of the time in an exhibit that is set up like a miniature city and is a child’s dream for pretending. The children were able to cook and serve at a diner, shop at a grocery store, milk a cow, doctor animals at the veterinarian’s office, ride in a firetruck, fix a car, and climb in an amazing jungle gym. One kiddo in particular, Nora, decided that she wanted to climb in the jungle gym. The other volunteers and I were very worried that she would be trampled by the other children, so we tried our best to distract her with another activity. She was not interested in anything else. So sweet, gentle, quiet Nora joined all of the rambunctious children on the jungle gym. She took it slowly. She would watch how the other children maneuvered around and learned from them. She would then follow behind them, not missing a beat. I loved watching her confidence grow as she climbed higher up and further into the jungle gym. As I continue to think about Nora learning how to crawl and climb her way through the jungle gym, I cannot help but long for her to have more experiences such as that one, where she has the opportunity to learn and grow.”


Another camp worker shared about this angel:  “Nora is a sweet girl who always has a smile on her face. During our first bath time, Nora diligently and methodically brushed every one of her teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror the entire time she was brushing her teeth. I loved watching her brush her teeth each night. When Nora looked a little sad, I would ask if she was ok by giving her a thumbs up and she always responded with an energetic thumbs up back. While we drove from activity to activity in Atlanta, Nora was in my van. While we were waiting for others to get in their vans, I looked back at Nora and she was getting teary. I don’t think she was sad, just teary. I put my hand on my lap and she grabbed by hand. I then asked if she was ok and she wiped her tear, gave me a thumbs up, and had a huge smile on her face.”

When Lifeline’s unadopted team asked Nora’s foster mom what her favorite thing was about this precious child, she replied, “She is beautiful and cute and very smart.” Nora’s speech is stated to be delayed but she is also said to be happy and active. Our team also noted that precious little Nora has a “short attention span and likes all toys for a few minutes.” During their interview with Nora, the team stated that “she gave lots of kisses”!


There is so much information and a few videos available about sweet Nora.  You can join the Wonderful Waiting Kids site for more information, or contact Annie at Lifeline Children’s Services at [email protected].  There is also a wonderful post on the Twenty Less website.

You can also see the sweetest, sweetest video here.  Password “Nora”

Please join me in prayer that Nora’s family will find her very soon.  She has so much potential. Trusting for this precious life!