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the last days of summer

Where in the world has summer gone?

What a blessed weekend we have had.

A very special friend surprised us with a visit. Anthony has known her and her sweet family since she was just a little girl. Now she’s spending time with our children. So precious.

We took some time off from sorting out, collecting and dropping off yard sale stuff to show her a bit of beautiful Colorado…and to enjoy the last of these warm summer days.

A picnic and soccer in the park.

Koala bear hugs. Haven definitely has a new friend

Walking the dog–and inspecting boo-boo’s.

Bonding and savoring God’s creation.

Pondering the narrow road!

Remembering ALL the reasons I love this man.

“Come on, Haven, it’s not high–you can climb up.”

So thankful for our firstborn. If only I could keep him little.

A smile just as sweet as her personality.

Two peas in a pod.

Nothing but an angel.


Our community continues to bless us more than we could ever have dreamed of for our upcoming yard sale this Saturday. Our church foyer is filled to overflowing with the most amazing things to sell. We have so much stuff that we will have to begin setting up on Friday night–even with all the volunteers there is no way we can wait until Saturday morning to do it. There is that much.

Not only do we have an incredible yard sale, but also a silent auction bigger than we ever imagined.

I stand in awe at what an incredible Father we serve.

Faithful Jesus!


In the midst of everything we have going on–my heart is aching. I miss my mom.

Two and a half years ago I lost my mom to cancer. She was just 58 years old. She absolutely adored her grandchildren. Since she passed away, we have added Haven to our family, and now Hailee is coming home. With every adoption my heart longs to have her here–I long to share the journey with my mom.

But she’s not here anymore. And that just totally stinks.

I was wondering today–does God allow those who have gone before us to see what is happening in our lives? Does He allow them to witness the things that we do here on earth?

I wonder.

I pray that God would give my mom a little window in heaven to see what is happening in my life. That though she is no longer here with me, He would allow her to catch glimpses into the amazing things happening.

There is such a void in my life. Mom. I really miss having a mother. It just doesn’t feel right. But, I know that many things in this life are just not fair.

Some day every tear will be washed away–I can hardly wait for that glorious day.

But for now, for today, it just hurts.