life as usual

~~~  This week marks the four-year anniversary of my mom going to be with Jesus.  I cannot believe that four years have passed already.  In so many ways it feels like just yesterday that I traveled to South Africa with my four young children to spend her last days with her.  I shared my journey here last year.  There are so many things I would do so differently if my mom were still alive today.  Looking back, I wish I had loved more unconditionally, hugged a little tighter, and been more accepting of imperfections.  It’s amazing what we learn through loss.

~~~  I’ve never been a mom to an eight-year-old daughter before.  But now I am.  Hannah-Claire is all girl.  Oh my word…do ALL girls talk a lot?  I mean a LOT?  How is it even possible to change the subject ten times in all of thirty seconds?  Oh, and I wonder if I too asked 213 totally random questions in just one day?  The joys of raising girls. 

~~~  I have been working on updating the fundraising page on the right-hand sidebar.  If you are one of the many people who have emailed me your family details, hang tight.  I hope to be done by the end of the weekend.  It is so amazing to see just how many families are fundraising to bring their children home.  Go God!

~~~  Speaking of adoption–do you all remember Wade (now Bohdan) and Yuri?  I know many of you are following the Winkles family to their boys.  If not, you need to head over to their blog and follow along.  They are leaving in just a few days to go and bring their sweet sons home!  How amazing is that?  Two more children from Hailee’s room will know the love of a mommy, a daddy, and two brothers.  Two boys, drugged their entire lives and without any hope have been CHOSEN!  I cannot even tell you what that does to my heart.  I can hardly wait to follow along and see their journey unfold.  Gosh, I fell in love with these two boys while I was there.  To know that they are coming home is just the best Christmas gift ever.

~~~  Also, have you heard that Julia (who has my name for her middle name {smile}) will have a brother coming home with her?  It’s true. The Schwenzer family has recently committed to bringing home another child with Julia.  A gorgeous little boy who has CP.  He is an angel and his name is Aaron.  We’re rejoicing at all that God has done for both of these families.  Please continue to pray for them as they bring their children home.  Adopting children from one of the “laying rooms” like Hailee was in is never an easy journey.  Any adoption has many uncertainties, but these children have been dealt an awful hand in life.  They are fragile and weak, and there is no way of knowing what kind of condition they will be in when their parents get there.  I know they would appreciate your prayers so very much. 

~~~  Girly girl mommy–you’re the winner of the Christmas giveaway!  Contact me asap so that we can get your gift to you.  Fun.

~~~  I drew two winners for the Radical giveaway–but only one person got back to me.  Don’t people want their free stuff?  So, with the help of, I drew another winner.  You won,  Healy family.  Get in touch with me when you have a minute.  Unless you’re on vacation with the last party who didn’t get back to me.

~~~  Harper is still feeling yucky.  My poor baby love.  It seems that she is just going to be one of those who struggle in the winter months.  She cannot shake her miserable cold.  No infection, thank goodness. Any ideas how to naturally help very congested lungs?  I’d love to hear.  Today my friend said that a vaporizer in her bedroom might help.  Have any of you had success with that?  This is kind of new to me.  My other kids are so healthy and get over colds super fast.  But not Harper.  She really struggles.

~~~  Christmas shopping starts on Thursday.  I know, better late than never.  I’m one of those moms who runs around on Christmas Eve grabbing what’s left on the shelves.  Dork!  I can’t do the online shopping thing.  Every time that poor UPS man comes to my door with a package around Christmas time, my kids go into a frenzy.  Think piranhas at dinner time!  I avoid the pandemonium by keeping Mr. UPS away from my front door, thank you very much.  Smart mom.

We’re putting Christ back into Christmas.  Are you?