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life as usual

I cannot even begin to tell you how our hearts are rejoicing here in our home this weekend. 

Two little boys who we love so dearly are OUT of the heinous “laying room” that Hailee lived existed in for five years. Oh my goodness, I get tearful when I think about how their lives are going to change.  There truly are no words to describe the transformation they are about to undergo as they settle into their new family.

I just have to look at our beautiful Hailee to know how fast these two angels are going to blossom and grow.

Oh my!

Yesterday their mommy walked into the orphanage one final time and took them out!  Forever. So amazing.  It is a miracle when every child is rescued, but when children like these boys, who have little chance of finding a family, are rescued…oh my goodness.  I weep at just how good God is, and how passionately He loves the orphan.

Thank you to all of you who prayed when I shared Yuri and Bodhan here on my blog last year. Thank you for believing with me that someone would GO, even when it seemed impossible.  I appreciate it more than you can ever know. I believe with all my heart that the LORD has given them the most perfect family–the one they were destined to have since before the foundation of the earth.

We rejoice.

And we realize once again that there is hope for every single child who is fatherless. 

We are again reminded how precious life truly is.

So we hold each other tightly–thankful for the gift of family.

Because family is family–even if you’re born on opposite ends of the world.

And we love each other. Like crazy.

We look beyond our flaws, our imperfections, and our shortcomings which are many…and we choose to love passionately, with everything that is within us.

My heart swells each time I see my children loving on each other.  So spontaneously.  So naturally.  I love the way children show love.

Every cuddle, every embrace says, “I love you.”

There truly is not much sweeter for this mommy.

I feel so incredibly blessed.  I am so RICH in love and precious treasure on this earth–the gift of children.

Life has been busy.  So much happening.  God is stretching and challenging us in so many areas.  In a good way, of course.  He is stirring us up.  We’ve given Him our answer already–even though we have no idea where the journey will lead.  The destination is not what matters.

“Yes, Lord!” 

Our answer is, “Yes.”

No matter what the cost.

We don’t want to waste a single minute.  We don’t want to miss out on what He is doing on the earth today.  We sense Him shaking up His Church in this hour.  He’s moving and shaking the body of Christ.  We see it everywhere.

Such exciting times to be living in.

What a privilege it is to be His hands and feet to a desperate world. 

I pray that my children get that in their hearts while they are young–that being a servant of the Lord Jesus is such an honor–no matter where He leads them, or what He has them do in their lives.  It is an HONOR!

I think they’re beginning to understand it–right here in our home. 

With a heart overflowing with thankfulness.