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celebrations and thanks

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  It feels like one day just flies by into the next, and there is nothing we can do to slow it down.  Time seems to be whizzing by. 

Anthony leaves to go overseas tomorrow.  He’ll be away from home for ten days.  I am going to miss him so much. We don’t like being apart. But I’m so excited that he has this opportunity to follow the Lord’s lead and GO.  And even though we will miss him like crazy–the world really is such a small place thanks to the internet. 

What did we ever do without e-mail?  Oh yeah, that’s right, we actually wrote letters…by hand.  What a novelty.

So we celebrated my birthday as a family today–even though it is only at the end of next week. But daddy’s going away, so we celebrated early. We don’t really go out to eat very much at all.  Birthdays are special and we each get to choose a place we would like to eat out on our special day.

Today was my choice.  So fun.  Any opportunity not to have to cook is like heaven on earth, don’t you think?  Just one day of not having to wonder what I am going to cook that night is like vacation.  I don’t need a fancy vacation–just time out of the kitchen is good enough for me.

We had such a sweet time together.  Since we don’t eat out very often, it is such a treat for our bigger kids.

Me and my baby lovie snuggled.  The girly loves her tongue–especially when she cuddles. Too darn sweet for words.  I can totally just eat her up. 

Harper is getting so big so fast.  She’s my baby.  My cuddle bug.  My koala bear.  My sweet angel. One of my biggest blessings.  My treasure on this earth.

How precious is her smile?  Melts my heart.  I have such an incredible story of redemption to tell you about Harper next week.  God’s ways are so amazing.

So blessed by my biggest boy–the one who God used to show me that I LOVED being a mommy.  Some say he looks like me, but I think he’s all daddy. 

I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate your recent support and outpouring of love on this post.  Oh my word.  I was so deeply moved by each and every comment.  I laughed, I cried, and I felt the pain of so many of you who have walked a similar road to what we have.  You are all so right–some people just do not get it, and probably never will. 

I was so encouraged as I read of how many families are pursuing adoption.  Many, many families.  Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage my heart, and share your thoughts, convictions, and testimonies with me.  I am so very, very thankful. 

I will absolutely continue to share my daughters, my family, and my heart with all of you.  It takes a lot more than what happened to shut me up. Trust me. In fact, stuff like this makes me even more resolved to keep on keeping on.  I will never give the enemy the victory by not continuing to share what God lays on my heart.  No way. Of course it hurts like heck when children are the target of angry people.  But like so many of you said, for every one mean person, there are countless others who are absolutely amazing. 

Comment moderation will always remain on!  Comments which are rude or demeaning in any way will never be published on my blog.  They have no place here.  Those comments are deleted as fast as possible.  I totally don’t mind if anyone disagrees with me on my opinion–that is life and I am so open to those who disagree respectfully. We are all entitled to share our opinion with respect, and with kind words.  But nastiness?  Uh-uh. 

We know full well that the enemy WILL rear his ugly head more than usual these day–especially since we are in a season of our lives where we are seeking the Kingdom of God above ALL else.  We’re seeking the Kingdom FIRST.  Not second.  Or third.

So, thank you for the sweet encouragement, from the bottom of my heart.

I did an interview over at my friend Patti’s this week.  She is also a mama to a sweet little blessing with the beautiful extra chromosome.  I love Patti’s huge heart and her desire to see many children adopted.  She has worked hard to raise funds for a few children waiting for families.  The interview is here.   And this is Part 2.  Thank you, Patti, for the opportunity to share my heart with your readers.

Continuing to run the race with perseverance.