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life in the fast lane

It sure has been a busy weekend for our family.

We worked.  Socialized.  Played.  Snuggled.  Loved.  Ate.

And when it all got too much…we napped.  The masterpiece being created with chalk just had to wait.

Every princess needs her beauty sleep. 

We had beautiful fellowship with many we love.

A gorgeous new baby in our circle of friends to love and cuddle.  Newborns are just so yummy.

To-do lists got forgotten about.  Again. Family time always wins.

Precious moments in the park.

Too much good food.

Snuggling to watch movies together on chilly nights.

Just a sprinkling of snow to show God’s splendor.

Bundling up more to keep the sudden chill out.

Learning to keep our hats on, when we really just want to take them off.

Learning to love…and love…and love some more.

And savor the season of apple cider, eggnog and candy canes on the tree (that somehow never remain on the tree).

Whew, all this family stuff sure is a lot of hard work for our sleeping beauty. 

A beautiful new week awaits. 

Enjoying the gifts, the joys, the cherished moments, and the wonders of God that each and every new day brings.

How blessed I am.