life in pictures

Recently we were able to get away for a few days. 

Camping.  All of us.

How?  It’s not always easy. But we make it work and we absolutely LOVE it.

As our family grew, we decided a very long time ago that we would make beautiful memories together…no matter how hard it was.

And so we do. 


Enjoying the Father’s creation.

And one another.

Two of the water lovers.

My goofy, most amazing big kids.

Growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.  Inside and out.

Because Mom said I could grow my hair for the entire summer.


Sweetest, most precious Haven.

Discussing life around the campfire.


God gave her the very best of big brothers.

One of the many water lovers in this family.

My littlests.  They’re not my babies anymore.


Sweet and tender big sister.

The practical child’s solution to that pesky campfire smoke.

Snoozing under the gazebo.  Heaven on earth.

You CANNOT keep this boy out of the water.

My darlings.

Holding onto her very loved doggie for dear life.

Happy young lady. 

Taking turns to play with their baby sister.  Because they’re just so amazing like that!


So thankful for the opportunities God gives us to make precious memories with these GIFTS He has given us.