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life is good on the way to nashville

 Hi, everyone.  Anthony here.

Well, we arrived in Nashville after a long day of travelling.  God made a way for us to bring Harpy after she battled a long bout with a viral lung infection.  It seems like she’s been on oxygen for ages, poor baby.  (Thus, you see a red blotch on her pretty little cheek from the cannula.)  As recent as yesterday morning, her oxygen levels were hovering dangerously low on room air.  I even cancelled her flight, with Adeye’s flight.  (Because mother’s just can’t leave a sick one home, don’t you know!)

Adéye and I turned to each other and committed to not allow the enemy to disrupt our plans to attend the Summit conference.  We prayed.


Shortly after I cancelled flights, my wife said Harpy’s O2 levels shot up!  We quickly scrambled to get our flights back and line up help again at home.  But God did it!

And here we are.  Excited about checking in early tomorrow morning.  Harper is doing well and her oxygen levels are perfectly normal.  We are so thankful!

Please pray for us.  We sense God is going to do amazing things here in Grand Ole Opry country!