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littlest love

Thank you for your prayers today as Harper underwent surgery.

Happy girl getting too big, too darn quickly.  She’s not my baby anymore. 

But…she is.

We hung out at the hospital for hours because her scheduled surgery kept getting pushed back.

And so we spent quality time together.



Counting to ten 342 times.

Stacking.  We LOVE to stack!

In all her absolute adorableness.


Surgery went well and she handled it like a star.  No overnight stay for our little champ.  We got discharged tonight and made the long journey home (in the snow!).  God was so gracious in allowing us to come home to the rest of the family. 

As far as I know (because I didn’t see the doctor after surgery), there are no concerns in Harper’s airway–no obstructions that would cause her bouts of severe croup to be worse.  Her adenoids were very large (causing obstruction) and inflamed, and so they removed them.  Her tonsils looked perfectly fine and can stay right where they are, thank goodness.

And so we journey on, trusting that as Harper grows and her muscle tone strengthens, the awful croup attacks (which are life and death situations) will become fewer and farther between.  They are absolutely frightening for her and for us.

Moving our family down to a lower altitude certainly has helped a lot–she has only had one episode with the dreaded stridor since we have lived here, and that was last September. God has been so good.  We continue to stand on His promises for our sweet littlest and believe that she will be completely healed of any croup or chronic respiratory issues in the future.

Trusting the LORD in all these things.

So very thankful for this beautiful GIFT of a child.  She captured the hearts of everyone who met her today.  My prayer is always the same, “May they SEE beauty and ability in every single child who passes through these doors, Lord Jesus!”