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Today my heart is broken for a family so very well known in the world of adoption.  The Loux family have 11 children (10 on earth and 1 in heaven).  Today they lost their precious daddy, Derek.  A husband, a father, and a HUGE advocate for the fatherless children of the world.  This year alone they have added 5 children to their family–three little boys through Reeces Rainbow.  Amazing.


Derek and his wife Renee have been HUGE advocates for orphans.  God had given them a vision to rescue and adopt 30 children! What a terrible loss here on earth of one of the Lord’s warriors in the battle.  But what rejoicing there must be in heaven tonight.

My heart cannot comprehend the loss his family must be feeling.  As many of us here in blog world are doing, please pray for Renee and her children.  Pray for that peace that passes all understanding.

Tonight a wife, seven beautiful girls, and three sweet little boys are without the man they love and cherish.  Tonight a family’s heart is aching as they try to make sense of what has happened.

There are some things we will never understand this side of heaven…like this.  There simply are no words.  But of one thing I am sure–our God is a GOOD God!  Beauty will rise from these ashes.

You can read their amazing journey here.

Thank you for praying, friends.