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a matter of life and death

Friends, today I come to you with a situation which is truly a matter of life and death.  A situation where one little girl’s life hangs in the balance.

Today one little treasure so desperately needs us, the body of Christ, to rally for her!

Meet precious Beth.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Beth is just 20 months old.  She is still a baby girl. She is living in the same country as our Hasya.

Sadly, Beth is living on borrowed time.


Every day this child is still alive is a gift.

It truly is only by the grace of God that this little lovie is still alive.  Beth was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  For nineteen long months Beth lay in her crib with an enlarged head due to her hydrocephalus.  Oh, the agony this must have caused!  I cannot even imagine.

Thankfully, just last month her government agreed to insert a shunt, which would give her so much relief from the constant pressure of spinal headaches.

Very sadly though, Beth’s country will NOT agree to give this sweet angel the life-saving surgery she requires for her spina bifida.  As a result, she has a large, gaping, oozing wound on her back.  A wound that is so uncomfortable that the only way they can possibly give Beth some kind of relief is to tape a “donut” to her back–a plastic device that fits over the wound and prevents her from lying on it.  As a result of this device, Beth spends her days lying on her side–unable to move very much.
Oh, my heart!
Dear friends, the reality for Beth is that if she is not rescued soon, she will surely die. It is truly a miracle that she has not picked up a bad infection yet….it would be a death sentence!  Thankfully, her orphanage is one of the cleaner ones and that is what has saved her life to this point.  Had her wound become infected, she would have died a long time ago.
Beth’s only hope right now is that a family will rise up and say, “She’s our daughter, come what may!”  Her only chance of survival is to come to this country and get the life-saving surgery that she so desperately needs.  It truly is her only hope.

Many, many families have viewed Beth’s medical information.  Many families have considered bringing her home.

But not one has committed!  I can understand that people are afraid of what the future may look like for a little girl in Beth’s condition.  I completely understand the fears which come with adopting a medically fragile child.  Boy, do I understand!

But!  Beth is a child!  Just like all others.  She is a precious human being created in the image of a God who adores her.  Beth’s life has value and purpose…no matter how many days God grants her breath on this earth.  Even this tiny little life–broken, wounded, imperfect, weak and frail–is for His glory!


Yes, her future may seem uncertain.  Yes, due to the fact that she is nearly two years old and has not received surgery for her spina bifida means that it is highly unlikely that she will ever walk again (although, I sure do believe in miracles!).  So what if she’s in a wheelchair?  Most children with spinal bifida do amazing well cognitively and their intelligence is normal or above normal!  Beth will do so well in a family.

Please pray with us that a family will rise up and adopt this little beauty!  Please, I’m begging you all, don’t allow Beth to become another heartbreaking statistic of a child who dies in an orphanage simply because they were denied life-saving medical treatment!

Because of Beth’s very delicate health and her dire need to be rescued as fast a humanly possible, the ideal situation would be to find a family that is already home-study approved for a Hague country.  That would save a whole lot of time.

Time is so crucial. Beth has been waiting a long time for a family. 

Time is running out!

Today I’m asking you all to please help us spread the word about Beth’s need!  Please use your blogs and social media to advocate for her.  It really is her only hope at this stage.

Anyone wanting more information about adopting Beth can contact Nina at [email protected].  Only serious inquiries please!

Beth’s life IS our problem!  Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus by sharing her story, praying, and believing that she WILL be saved!