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the mighty army!

Isn’t it true that every now and then we all need a helping hand?  I can think of so many times in my own life when all I needed was someone to come alongside me and help me with a need I had.  As God would have it–someone was always there!  He always provided a way for my needs, my concerns, and the things on my heart to be taken care of.  Always!  He’s just so good like that.

This week it was the Cannells‘ turn.  A week ago this family was facing an insurmountable financial mountain to bring their boys home.  One post from Tesney Davis changed everything!  I love how God used her to spur us all into action.  You’re a beautiful woman of a mighty God, Tes!

The Cannell’s story has spread far and wide in the last few days.  Carson and John’s heartbreaking pictures have gripped many of our hearts.  Our eyes have not only been opened to their plight, but sadly, to the painful reality of others who live with this debilitating disease called EB.

I cannot even find the words to tell you how thankful I am for so many of you repsonding to help meet this need.  I am speechless by your amazing generosity, your big hearts, and your love that has poured out for one family desperately trying to rescue two beloved orphans who urgently need medical attention.

As of this morning the Chip-In continues to steadily rise.  We only have about $2600 $2000 still to raise to get this family fully funded.  That is NOTHING!  Please keep posting and spreading their story on social networks today.   I am so, so thankful for your help.  All glory to our God who reigns forever and ever, and who will raise up a mighty army to rescue the fatherless!

Hang in there, sweet boys…help is on the way!  A family who loves you more than words can say.  How cherished you are, Carson and John!

These are two recent pics.  Oh my goodness.  Seeing them with hardly any hair just rips my heart out.  I cannot wait to see how they are going to thrive in a family and with the necessary medical attention they need for their EB.

From the bottom of my heart….thank you!

Cannell family, you have the army of the living God holding up your arms in the battle.  Go get your boys!  It is a privilege to stand by your side.

“I will NOT leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”  John 14:18