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moments I cherish

The seasons change before I even know it. It feels like just the other day that the days got longer and the heat was all of a sudden upon us. Now here we are again, about to say goodbye to another glorious summer. Time flies.

While out and about in the car yesterday I noticed that some of the oak trees are just starting to change color. Vibrant greens are starting to fade ever so slightly as the trees prepare for Fall.  I looked at them towering high in the sky and marveled at the work of a Creator who does all things well.  How in the world do all the trees know that the time has come for them to start changing color…all at the same time?  Blows my mind.  Only God!

As much as I adore summer, I do love Fall too.  I particularly love Fall on the East coast. It’s fun having four seasons. I missed it when we were away.  I love the vibrant colors of Fall.  I love cuddling up on the sofa with my lovies and reading books on chilly days.  Apple cider is so yummy and candy corn is one of my best candies ever. Orange is definitely one of my favorite colors. I do love Fall. 

As the days of warm weather are numbered, we have made the absolute most of some outdoors activities this past Labor day weekend. We’ll squeeze in beach days and trips to the park right up to the point when it is just too cold to spend a lot of time outdoors. Being outside is one of the things we love best in our family.

Beautiful weather, blessed friends and children with endless energy were all in a hard weekends work for us.

We went to a lake we have not visited for four years.  It was wonderful.  No humidity, a gentle breeze that blew…and one unbelievably adorable surfer chick. Life does not get much sweeter than this.

We think that she has seriously got to be the coolest surfer girl on the planet. 

Who needs water anyway?

On Saturday my dear hubby gave me the day off.  He loved spending the day with his treasures while I got to hang out in a bookstore, shop with no little bodies wrapped around my legs, and window shop at a beautiful antiques mall.

While I do love some time out, I love coming home even more. I am not the kind of mommy who needs a whole lot of time to myself.  Every now and then is a blessing–but I am happy to keep it an every now and then thing.  Time alone is completely overrated, in my opinion.

Yesterday the weather was amazing.  We hung out with dear friends at a local park.

We found a shady spot under the trees and had the best time just being together.  Days like this are a gift. 

Days when we allow our kids to eat things that are not the norm around our home.

Days when lazy summer days are so relaxing and we savor the moments we have been given.

It has been such a joy to my heart to watch Hailee and Harper enjoy summer. I know for a fact that Hailee was never, ever taken out of the room she was in in the orphanage.  Can you imagine never seeing the sun or have it shine warmly on your skin?  Breaks my heart.  Harper was allowed limited visits into the great outdoors. Observing them blossom and grow in the sun this summer has been something I will cherish forever.  They have even got a little tan happening.

Hailee was so unsure of being outside for the first weeks.  Any extended time outdoors was too overwhelming for her.  She cried and fussed a lot.

These days she is so different. She is so happy and content to be outdoors.  She actually loves it. She is even happy to sit on the grass without screaming her head off.  Sweet victory!

Many people ask us if we are absolutely positive that Hailee has Down syndrome.  Even the opthalmologist we saw last week asked me if we had done to genetic testing to confirm the diagnosis.  Um, yes, we did, and yes, she is for sure blessed with the beautiful extra chromosome.  Unlike Harper, who has the very distinct characteristics of Down syndrome, with Hailee it is not quite as obvious sometimes.

Until she puts her little tongue out in true Down syndrome fashion.  Harper’s tongue is hard to keep in–Hailee’s is hard to catch out.

I love that her beautiful blond locks are finally growing.

Sweet Miss Haven loving being with her family…and lovin’ that bag of chips.


“I love you, Cade.”

Observing God’s creation. A true beauty in the middle of His beauty.


Dirty boys who would so prefer that shoes were never invented. According to this angel, they are a complete waste of time, and money.  When I took him to buy a new pair of tennis shoes a few days ago he was like, “Mom, why are you even buying me shoes, I don’t wear them.” True, dear son.

If he does get forced to wear shoes for church or something, he totally takes them off and leaves them there.  I think we have left a pair of $2 flip flops in thirty eight different places we visited this summer.  Every wise mother of a child who hates shoes knows all too well that you only buy the cheap ones. I learned that lesson the hard way.

When the weather gets cooler you will thank me for the shoes, sweetheart.

This is one of my dearest friends in the world, Rachel.  Thank you to all of you who have prayed for Lily. She is doing great!

Smile, Lily.

Wassup, sweet Mia?

Cherishing each an every moment the Father has blessed me with. The road may not always be as smooth sailing as I would choose for it to be, but there are such lessons and deep truths to be learned in the valley. I’m [slowly but surely] learning to embrace them.

Hoping that your Labor day weekend was just as sweet as mine.

I have so many friends in the process of adopting children.  What an absolute JOY!  These families are all taking a giant leap of faith, saying “Here I am, Lord, send me.” It really does take a huge amount of courage to say “Yes” when you don’t have the ridiculous amount of money saved up in a bank account to pay the ransom to bring a child home. My friends are all fund raising, just as we did. 
Please, please, please consider visiting their websites and making a donation to help them bring their children home.  Trust me–all small amounts add up to a large amount.
My friend, Connie, and her family are having an awesome computer give away as part of their fund raising efforts.  It ends tomorrow.  Please help them save their precious Kasidi.  Just click on the button below.

Someone also brought this family to my attention recently.  Goodness, they are so very close to their financial goal.  Surely we can all help them get there?

Thanks, friends.  Have a stunning Tuesday…even though it feels like Monday around here.

Totally fun give away coming up tomorrow.