monday musings

I think we are finally getting back into the swing of things with school.  Goodness, we were off to a shaky start, but I’m starting to feel like we’re back in the groove. It is always so hard to get going after three months off school.  Probably harder for me than it is for the kids.  I’m starting to wonder if year-round school is actually a good thing.  That’s how I grew up in South Africa, and it worked so well.  Do any of you do year-round school with your children?  How does that work?

I think I have eventually settled on the right curriculum for everyone (after a few not-so-great choices).  We try, we fail, then we try something new.  I must say that we are absolutely loving The Mystery of History.  Thanks to all of you who suggested it here.  Best history curriculum we have done so far.  Even I am loving it–and I am so not a history buff.  It’s so interesting going back to creation and taking an in-depth look at things that I’ve never even thought about before.  I love learning new things with my kids.

In the last few days we have really started to notice something about our littlest, Hailee.  For the first time ever she is actually starting to feel heavier.  We pick her up and notice a distinct difference in heaviness. Woohoo!

Do you see it?

Lovie even has some very welcomed chub around the neck area.

Yup…and the little arms too.

She is finally starting to fill out a little more.  We love it!

Many people ask us if Hailee will ever grow to be more or less where she should be.  Will she ever catch up?  Well, it’s highly unlikely.  Sure, God can do anything and if He wants to add some size and weight to her little frame, then great!  But as far as her catching up as any “normal” child would–no, she probably won’t.  Too many drug-induced years spent in a crib have ensured that Hailee will more than likely never catch up.  And you know, that is perfectly okay. Right now she weighs in at 25 pounds (she is six years old). From time to time the option of growth hormones still comes up, but at this stage we have no desire to pursue it as way to force Hailee’s body to grow.  Hailee is healthy and happy, and she definitely is growing and gaining weight.  That’s good enough for us. 

We are so thankful that she has regained all the weight she lost when she got so sick last month.

Our weather has cooled down wonderfully and we have been spending some glorious afternoons outside.

The toddler in the family LOVES being outdoors.  She waits at the front door until a sibling graciously agrees to walk with her outside.  And boy, do they hear all about it when they leave the toddler indoors!  She stands at the door and literally yells at them in her sweet little baby jabber. Like, yells! Naturally the sibling in question simply cannot refuse and comes back to take the darling little yeller out. 

Not that she has anyone wrapped around her chubby little finger or anything.  I’m just saying.

I mean seriously…who can possibly resist?

Certainly no one who lives in this house.

I smiled when I saw this picture of Harpy’s tongue sticking out.  It’s very rare that we see it these days.  Those of you who have read my blog for a while will recall that there was a time when Harper’s tongue never stayed in her mouth.  Her muscle tone was so low and it really affected her tongue.  In many ways it feels like such a long time ago.  She has come so, so far in the last year.


Speaking of little Miss Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, well, she has a new favorite thing to do obsession.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with bird or squirrel watching.

All she needs is a pair of strong arms.

And she can do exactly what they do.  You see, she’s smart as smart can be.  She watches, observes…and doesn’t miss a single thing. 

Come on, Kellan.  Take me higher and higher!

Our newest little tree climber with the hot-pink toenails (courtesy of big sis who is always happy to ensure that the toddler is fashionably accessorized). 

She cannot get enough of climbing trees.

Loves it!

As you can tell. So much fun.

Harper’s motto, “If they can do it, so can I!”

And she sure does live by it.  If she sees them do something, she is the first one to want to do the same thing–over and over and over again.  She never gives up trying.

This week I will share the next post in the series I started on adoption.  This time I’m going to dive into a subject which I see coming up more and more in the adoption community.  Are people prepared before embarking on an adoption journey?  Is it for everyone? Should every Christian family adopt a child?  I’ll share my heart soon.

Seriously loving all music by Leeland these days.  The Great Awakening is awesome. Incredible worship.

Have a totally blessed week, everyone.  Know that He who literally carried the weight of the world on His shoulders is more than able to carry any burden on your heart, any crisis you are facing, or any situation which feels impossible. 

Nothing is impossible!