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more and more and more

It is so tough being a parent in 2009. Holey moley, I think back to when I was in high school in the 80’s and I realize how easy we had things. Life seemed so much simpler then. My parents never had to deal with half of what we deal with today.

Drugs? Pretty much unheard of in my high school.

Abortion? Huh, what was that? If a teen happened to get pregnant, she either kept her baby, or gave it up for adoption. Those were the only two choices. Abortion was never even a consideration. How things have changed.

Going to school half naked (sorry, but that is how many teen girls dress these days)? Nope–never an option in my day.

Smoking? Eeeww–that was just nasty, and if you did it, well, it was just because you were trying to be cool.

Internet porn, or even bad magazines? Unheard of.

Magazine covers in the check out isles of grocery stores that make you wish none of your children could read (or even see)? No, never a problem.

I could go on and on.

Things are just different now, aren’t they? And, sadly, things are getting worse every day. Heavens above, I shudder to even think about what it is going to be like when my children are raising their own children.

But here’s the thing that is just bugging me. How do you raise children in this culture and in these times we live in when everything is about more, more, more and me, me, me?

We want more. We have to have more. We need more and more. We are absolutely living in a more society.

We never have enough. When we own a perfectly decent car, all of a sudden it becomes not good enough and we need a bigger one. Our house can never be large enough–it has to be bigger. Heck, we even eat way too much. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements that promise us a better life, a more comfortable life, an easier life–if we only had this or that product. It is just never enough, is it?

My concern is for my children. I don’t like them growing up in a society that is so obsessed with having more, being more and doing more. Already I see my older kids falling into the trap, “Oh mom, can I please spend my pocket money on the newest bionicle that has just come out? It is so cool, mom. I really need it for my collection.” Not to mention the fact that he already has a humongous box of the stuff sitting up in his room. Does he really need more? Does he not have enough? Surely there are better ways that he could spend his hard earned money (our kids have to do chores in order to get pocket money)? I know there are.

When did our culture become so obsessed with more? Those of you who have traveled or done missions to third world nations will agree with me here–the happiest, most content people in the world are those who have very little. They are so happy with what they do have. Their churches are truly the happiest places on earth. They sing and they rejoice with all their hearts–praising their God for His amazing provision in their lives. Yet, they have nothing. Isn’t that amazing? So often we come to church whining because of our lack–when we actually have more than 80% of the worlds population. How far we have strayed.

I long for my children to know with absolute certainty that Jesus is more than enough! I long for them to know that serving Christ is not about having the latest cars or the fanciest house–but about serving Him with all their hearts, whether they are blessed with little, or much. I long for my children to not be of the world when it comes to consumerism, but to know that their God is more than able to meet every single need that they will ever have.

I find it so easy to be sucked into the ways of the world. Heavens, it is even in our churches. I listened to a pastor preaching on tv the other day. He has a huge church. Scripture was never mentioned! I felt like I was listening to a great motivational speaker teaching about how to live a prosperous life. It had nothing to do with the Word of God. Nothing. It was all about me, me me.

I’m praying. I’m trusting God with the hearts of my children. I am trusting Him for wisdom and guidance as we raise our blessings. May we always be mindful of the fact that the ways of the Lord are NOT the ways of the world. May our children get a revelation in their hearts early in their lives that Jesus is all they will ever need. That the things of the world will pass away…and they are just not worth it, they are so temporary. May they know that only Jesus can satisfy.

My Jesus…He is more than enough for me in this life. Nothing else will ever satisfy. I pray with all my heart that I can impart that truth into the hearts of my children, with the help of the Spirit.

Yes, it is tough being a parent in 2009. But with the help of our God and the gentle promptings of the Spirit, it is possible to raise a generation of children who are set apart from the ways of the world.

My God shall supply all (that means every single one of them!) your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:19