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the mountain

What a  l-o-n-g day!  Sorry to keep you waiting on the update, friends.

Oh my goodness, our God–sometimes He just leaves me speechless.

So we arrived in Denver this afternoon.  We parked our car in front of the government office…and then we prayed as a family.  We felt led to pray for two things.  Firstly, that we would find favor with those who make decisions.  And secondly, that we would have an understanding person helping us. Someone nice, you know? 

We went through security and headed inside the building.  It was our turn very quickly and we went to the booth to speak to an official.

You know what God did?

The officer who we were assigned just happened (not!) to the same very nice man who did my citizenship interview!  He was the man who did the civics test with me and approved all my paperwork to become a citizen. He knew me. He knew why I was becoming a citizen.  He knew our story.  He knew why my application for citizenship was expedited.  Officer W. knew!  And he just happened (not!) to be the one to help us today.

Oh my goodness.  Coincidence?  I think NOT!  We could not have asked for a more understanding person.

We sat down, and I asked him if there was anything he could do to expedite our fingerprint appointment. I handed him the receipt we had for our application.  I explained the urgency in bringing Hailee home soon.

“Oh sure,” he said. “That is easy to do. I’d be happy to help you out.” No questions asked.

He punched a few things on his computer and handed us the letter we have so desperately been needing.

Just like that!

But that’s not all.  We asked Officer W. if there was any way that our approval for the a I600A visa could be expedited once we were fingerprinted.  (For those unfamiliar with adoption–it is the visa we need to bring Hailee into the USA. And, it is the final piece of paperwork we need to send our dossier to her country so that we can travel to bring her home.)

“Yes, the man who oversees all the adoption visas in this State is in this building.  Just write a note on a piece of paper asking him to help, and I’ll make sure he gets it.”

He handed us a piece of paper and we wrote a heart-felt note…asking for help.  Of course I had a picture of Hailee with us, so we stapled it onto the note–to be hand delivered to THE person who can speed things up from here on.

A short while later we got our fingerprints done.

And so I ask you…is ANYTHING too hard for the Lord?  ANYTHING at all?

We all know the answer to that question.

No government system, no red tape…nothing can stand in the way of the Almighty God.  Nothing.

Yes, indeed…mountain be moved!!!  All we have to do is speak to it, and it WILL be moved. It’s right there…in the Bible.

Oh happy day!   THANK YOU so much for your prayers today.  We are so absolutely thankful.

All glory to the Father.  My heart just cannot comprehend the amazing love He has for a little orphan girl so desperate for her family to come and rescue her.  He’ll move heaven and earth for the fatherless. 

We’re coming, little one, we’re coming!