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my hero

I absolutely cannot believe that this is the same child.

The one who came home just a little over a year ago.  Weighed just 15 pounds at five years old.  Was malnourished, drugged, terrified, and nothing but skin and bones.

The little angel who, for the first four months, screamed when the dreaded bath time came.  Hated water!

Just look at her now.

These pictures make me teary. 

I just never, ever imagined.

That a child who was locked in a room at the back of an orphanage and pretty much forgotten about….

Was written off as being unable to learn, to grow, to enjoy LIFE….

Had no worth or value whatsoever….

Can become all this–in such a short period of time.

How WRONG they were!

If only they could see her now.

She will have nothing to do with the old floatie anymore.  Uh-uh!  This girl is all about having fun in the water–not just on top of it.  The deeper, the better.  She cannot get enough of it.  Going under is just so much fun.

She’s learning, growing, blossoming and becoming all that her Father in heaven has created her to be faster than I ever dreamed possible.

Hailee is….


She is our miracle girl. 

I look at these pictures of Hailee, and it does something deep within my heart.

I hear that still, small voice whispering to me as I witness her transformation yet again.


No child is “too far gone”, or “unable to learn”, or “too institutionalized”.

No child!

Just put them in a family.  Give them some healthy food.  Add to that a whole lotta love.

And this is what you get….

A life transformed!

She’s my hero.

NEVER right off a child!