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my sweet companion

I just have to share these sweet pics with you.

I sat playing with sweet Julia yesterday and thought of you guys–the many, many friends who helped the Schwenzers to bring her home.  I could not help but weep at how well she’s doing.  I cried because Julia was given a chance to LIVE! She’s gaining weight, and with that comes more energy.  All she wanted to do with me was sit straight up on my lap and play. 

As I was leaving I asked the staff if they had any kind of modified chair that she may be able to sit up alone in (she is unable to sit alone). Someone disappeared and returned with a fabulous little seat thingy.

Happy girl.  I can sit and play all on my own!  Perfect.

This girly just makes me cry.

Her determination.

Her will to live.

Her totally infectious giggle.

She is a miracle.  That’s for sure.

Isn’t she sweet? 

Let me tell you, Julia is a fighter.  Honestly, when I walked out of that orphanage for the last time last May, I looked at her lying there and my heart ached for her.  I wondered if she would even survive one more year.  Turning my back and walking away was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  I left her languishing in a crib, lying in a puddle of pee–and I had to keep walking!  So hard.

Just look at her now.  I never imagined.

The Schwenzers are so thankful for all the love and support they have received with Julia being in the hospital. It has not been an easy time for their family. They’re hoping she will be able to go home this Friday…just in time for the holiday weekend.  Grow, Julia, grow!

Please also keep the Hinz family in your prayers.  We met them last year and God moved on their hearts to adopt.  They just got home with their two sweet children from Hailee and Harper’s orphanage last Thursday.  After just one night at home, both kids got admitted into hospital for malnutrition.  So terrible.  Thankfully, Dusty and Sonya are both doing better and have been discharged, but still have a long way to go on the road to healing and getting healthy.  They are both so very sweet.

Because the life of EVERY child matters to God–and therefore to us too!