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my sweet kael

So many people have written to ask me how Kael is adjusting at home.  I did a little update on Facebook last week and shared this picture. 

He has astounded us in how well he is adjusting.

Kael absolutely loves his new family.

And his new dog (which in itself is a miracle–these kids are not used to animals).

My favorite part are their tiny feet which are identical.  I love little feet. 

I think sweet boy thinks he has always been a Salem!  He just fits right in.

I will share more soon, but just wanted to let you all know that our gorgeous boy is doing so amazingly well.  Truly miraculous considering where he came from.  God of wonders!

We are so in love and feel so blessed to have another little boy in our home.

My two eight year olds. Cade decided they needed hair gel.

We are so thankful for Kael’s adjustment!

Glory to God.