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my true love

This Thanksgiving…

I am so thankful for the man God gave me.

The one who always knows how to make me smile.

The guy who I love just as much today…

As I did the day we stood before our family and friends and declared our love for each other.

And shared our very first kiss.

He’s the man who has supported every dream in my heart and has gone to the ends of the earth to make them a reality.

He’s the guy who always (always!) puts my needs first and longs to see me fulfilled in this life.

He’s the man who follows God with all of his heart.

Always willing to say, “Yes, Father!”

No matter where the road may lead.  Or what He may call us to do in this life.


This Thanksgiving I’m counting my blessings.  Because the truth is that so often I am not the wife who God desires me to be.  My words are short.  My selfish pride gets in the way.  I fall short.

And I neglect to tell this man whom the Father gave me that he is the absolute desire of my heart.

My love.

My best friend.

My soul mate.

This Thanksgiving I can say with all my heart…

God chose well for me.

He knew exactly who in this life would complete me.

He knew who would help me to grow in my faith and always points me to the ONE who is worthy.

And who would run this race with perseverance with me.

Always seeking the will of our Father in heaven.

How blessed I am to know true love.