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a need of a different kind

THANK YOU for being such an enormous blessing to Hope Center Uganda.  In the last three days $10,000 has been raised to purchase their new vehicle.  Not only will this money completely cover the cost of the car–but all the repairs and services too.  Just amazing.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your astounding love poured out for the orphans of Uganda.

I have the utmost respect for missionaries. Having married one myself and left my home country to follow the still, small voice who gently leads us, I know how hard it is! Following God is never easy, no matter what the “call” may be. But for me, leaving those I love has definitely been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. Has it been worth it? Absolutely. But so not easy.

Anthony and my hearts are knit with missionaries. We know all too well how tough it is to live solely on the support of others. We lived that way for years. It is not for the faint of heart. Talk about stretching your faith. Not knowing how the next bill will be paid or even whether there will be bread on the table takes your faith in God to a whole new level of trust.

But you know, God is so, so amazing to provide, isn’t He? As I shared here, when He calls us, He equips us with everything we need to do the task set before us–and to do it with excellence.

Over the years I have made some amazing missionary friends. I am blessed to have my heart connected with people living in so many places around the world–people who have given up everything for the sake of the call. One of those families I met not so long ago. Angie and her family were still here in the States when we met through my blog. They were raising the support they needed to sustain themselves in Uganda. Their hearts were so burdened for the children of that country–and they knew that was where the Father was leading them.

The Goering family arrived in Uganda just a few months ago. After selling their home and the majority of their earthly possessions, putting every dollar they possessed into their new journey, they are now settled and serving the people of that beautiful land. They hit the ground running and already their home is filled with little ones who have been brought to them out of desperate situations. Hope Center Uganda is touching hearts and bringing the love of Jesus to many in need.

Like sweet Joram. Oh my goodness!  Please pray for this little sweetheart as his body deals with HIV and TB.  There simply are no words.

Angie recently wrote to me and shared her heart about their burden in transporting disabled orphans in very remote parts of the country. If any of you have ever been into the deepest parts of Africa, you will understand how horrendous the roads can be. Getting around in a normal car is completely out of the question. That is, if you want your car to remain in one piece. In many places, roads are pretty much non-existent. A dirt pathway, filled with potholes the size of moon craters, is the only way in and out of some towns. It is a hard life.

Since you all know that my heart and my passion is for the orphan, today I come to you with a slightly different need (still for us all to take up our mandate to “care for orphans” as it says in the book of James, of course.)  A few weeks ago Angie shared their desperate need for a reliable 4X4 which can withstand the crazy roads of Africa. Many children with profound needs simply cannot be transported safely due to an inadequate vehicle. HCU is partnering with orphanages in the remotest villages of Uganda. The only thing standing in their way is the lack of a suitable vehicle to get them there.

I can say with all my heart that I believe in these people and in what they are doing. I admire them for packing up their family and following their God with reckless abandon. They are the real deal–sold out for God and willing to be His hands and feet to a nation desperately needing HIM.

If you feel led by the Lord, would you please consider sowing seed into their vehicle fund? All donations are tax deductible and every dollar you donate will go to purchasing this vehicle which has been made available to them. All they need is about $6000. That’s nothing in the kingdom of God!  You can find all the details and a Chip-In right here on their blog

Thank you for being willing to care for the least of these–some of the neediest orphans on earth–by helping one missionary family BE His hands and feet. I appreciate it so, so much. 

Though many of us are called to bloom right where we are planted, others are called to go into all the nations.  Those of us who are left behind have a responsibility as the body of Christ is to get behind them and help in any way we possibly can from a distance.  Let’s help Hope Center Uganda go into the deepest, darkest parts of Africa to shine His glorious light to those who have such need that our human hearts cannot fathom! 

So thankful for each one of you.  Thank you for being such a giving people.