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On Saturday I decided that the time had come…I NEEDED to go and buy some clothes for our newest blessing in the family. Fun! I love shopping at Goodwill…I find the most amazing bargains at a fraction of the price :). Who said that clothing a lot of kids had to cost a fortune?

Oh my goodness, we got some updated measurements for Haven. For an almost eight year old, she is tiny. She weighs six pounds less than Hannah-Claire, who is two years younger! She could just be a very small girl, or, because of all her delays in every area of her life, her growth could be stunted. If so, she will catch up over time. Lots of healthy food and LOVE, and she’ll blossom and grow.

The kids and I have just two weeks of vacation left. Where has summer gone? For the first time ever I have had such a hard time trying to decide on what curriculum to use this year. I have changed my mind ten times already. Decisions, decisions!

Thank you to everyone who has added Haven to their prayer lists. We are so grateful that so many friends are praying for her transition into our family. We know that God hears every prayer, we know that He is preparing her heart, even now. I am grateful to the orphanage…we have sent Haven two photo album’s with lots of photos of us. I labelled the photos with “mommy”, “daddy”, “big brother” etc…all in Chinese pinyin. The staff at the orphanage have spent a lot of time showing them to Haven. Hopefully this will help her too.