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a new look

Change–oh how I love it.

We had such great day out as a family on Saturday. The perfect opportunity to take some pictures. The one on the header came out so nicely–the perfect header picture. How stunning is Colorado in the summer? Blogger won’t let me post any other pictures. I’ll try again on Monday.

We’re thinking that the pink on the side bar may be a little tooooo much–we may change that. I love pink, it’s my favorite color–but this may give you sore eyes 🙂

What a beautiful weekend with my family.

Friday night spent with friends we cherish. Saturday spent with the ones I love. A leisurely drive in the mountains. Fun trying to get five children to smile all at the same time while mom and dad take pictures. Glorious summer weather. Very little rain. Time away from the computer. An amazing time in my Fathers House on Sunday. House cleaning that had to be done. The great feeling of having a clean house (for at least an hour). Healthy, fresh food eaten. With an ice-cream treat just for fun. Time throwing balls in the back yard.

A weekend spent just being.

Monday will be busy. Lots of new developments in bringing Hailee home. But that can wait till Monday.

For now, I am simply full to overflowing with His amazing gifts.