When I finally found a few minutes to catch up on my e-mail today, I scrolled down reading each and every one of them.

Many were the same.

A plea! Desperation!

“Please, please help this boy!”

There were a lot of them.

A community of people crying out with all of their hearts for one young man who is running out of time.  Each day that passes gives him one less day to find hope.

And a home.

And the family that his heart is longing for, yearning for!

Today I am joining my voice with this amazing community of adoption advocates who care so deeply.  Because this life matters too! 

As of today, Sebastian (not his real name) has only NINE DAYS to find a committed family!

NINE DAYS to be chosen.

Sebastian with Nicole, an adoptive mom, whom he met earlier this year and who was there on a mission.

Or else?

If you have read here for a while or been involved in older-child advocating, you will know.  You will understand the sad reality that faces these precious children when they leave the relative safety of the orphanage walls.

The statistics are almost too much for the human heart to fathom.

Predators who wait on the other side.

Evil lurking.

Waiting to steal, kill, and destroy.

Absolute hopelessness!

An amazing adoptive family met Sebastian just a few months ago.  He captured their hearts with his sweet heart, tender ways, and his love for Jesus. This young man followed them around and would not leave them alone–just longing to be near.  To be loved.  To be accepted.

And a plea of his own….

A letter to Nicole thanking her for helping him find a family.

“Nicole, thank you for helping me find a family.  I am very grateful to you.”   ~From “S”

The absolute desire of his heart.

But unfortunately time is ticking and every day that passes gets him one day closer to that certain hopelessness!  But like “Johnathan” (who is now Andrew and is home and thriving), this one too deserves the love of a family–the opportunity to love and be loved and given every opportunity under heaven and earth to become the man whom God has created him to be!

Please, please share this young man’s story today!  As the body of Christ, we can use social media for good by spreading his story to the ends of the earth and standing and trusting that a family will rise up before it’s too late.

All photos courtesy of Nicole Dewberry.

What kind of family to do we need?

They must have a completed home study and preferably a dossier for Ukraine–or be willing to do an extension for him.  The family MUST commit before he turns 16 in just nine short days time!


Of course not! God’s Word tells us that NOTHING is impossible for the Lord God Almighty!

Not even this.

Anyone wanting more information from someone who has met Sebastian, please contact Nicole at [email protected] For all inquiries about his adoption and the legalities, please contact [email protected]  Serious inquiries only please!

Standing before the Red Sea and waiting expectantly for the Father to part these waters…FOR HIS GLORY!