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on my heart today

Two precious, most treasured little boys.

Both adopted domestically.

Both boys have Down syndrome.

Both angels have spent most of their lives in hospitals.

Today, both boys are back in the hospital fighting horrible, horrible infections.

This is precious Mattie.  He was admitted back into the PICU yesterday (after just being discharged a few days ago) and is not doing well at all.  How desperately this little lovie needs healing!

Mattie’s amazing mama, Tracie, is posting updates on her blog HERE.

And this is Ethan.  Many of you prayed for him last December.  Ethan is also back in the PICU and is fighting for his life once again.  Oh, God in heaven!

You can get updates on Ethan’s mommy’s blog HERE

My heart aches. These two boys desperately need a healing touch from the Father.  Would you please pray with us today?  Having just been in the PICU with two children, my heart goes out to their families.  It is so hard!  Please pray for peace which passes all understanding for these precious families.

Body of Christ, would you please storm heaven on behalf of these two precious boys today? And would you share these prayer requests with your friends, please?  There is power in prayer–in God’s army coming together to intercede. 

Thank you! I appreciate it so much, and I know their families do too. 

Our God is ABLE!