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one final call!

Oh my goodness!

Last Friday I posted about a few children in desperate situations who so urgently need someone to come and rescue them.  Thankfully, I have heard that there have been inquiries on most of those children.  Praise God!  Even sweet Shannon, who only had a few days to find her family, has had TWO families inquire about bringing her home.

Sadly though, one young man on that list has not had a single family ask about him.  And even worse is the fact that he is quickly running out of time to be adopted.  Last week I was told that Kyle had only three days to find his family.  Yesterday I felt so absolutely heartbroken for him.  I wondered how a young boy must feel when he knows that time has run out–and nobody CHOSE him.  My heart ached for him as I thought about his feelings of rejection and abandonment (too many times).  Just awful.

Today though, my friend Annie, who is a huge advocate for orphans, found out that it IS still possible for him to find a family. Annie spoke to another family who also rescued a son when he literally only had days to spare before becoming unadoptable.

There is still a glimmer of hope for Kyle!

His dream of having a family of his own can still come true.

Friends, we need to find Kyle’s family in the next couple of days.  A Letter of Intent to adopt him will have to be submitted by this Friday–or it will be too late. 

A challenge?  Yes.

Impossible?  No way!  Nothing is impossible for the Lord of Lords.

The ONLY way that Kyle is going to be saved from a life of sheer hopelessness on the streets is if a family who is already traveling to China to adopt another child feels called to add this precious boy to their adoption.  He MUST be adopted before his fourteenth birthday in February.

Please will you help us spread his story?  I’m begging you to share this desperate need anywhere you possibly can in the hope that his family will find him before it is too late.  Honestly, I cannot even bear the thought of what will happen to him when he gets released from the orphanage.  He will be in a situation much the same as Jonathan (who is being adopted). Oh, God in heaven!

All Kyle longs for is his own family. He knows his time is running out.  Surely he too will be blessed with the greatest desire of his heart–an opportunity to love and be loved.  I just have to believe it.

Please will you rally for Kyle?  It is his only hope!

Thank you for joining in one final call for Kyle.  Thank you, body of Christ, for caring and for sharing the story of one young man who, like countless others, is on the verge of a life few of us cannot even comprehend. 

Thank you for believing with us that Kyle WILL be saved (just as Kevin was).

Anyone wanting more information can contact Annie right here.

“The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” 
The movie: Faith Like Potatoes